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Why Visual Communication in Digital Marketing is Essential?

Usage of visuals in marketing strategies is not a hidden secret, according to a study, 53% marketers had agreed that 91 to 100 per cent of their published content in 2016 contained visuals. As more studies are glorifying…
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5 Infographic Design Trends in 2018

To be up to date has become the crucial aspect in order to stand out and have an edge in the competition. In designers market the competition is getting even more lethal with every coming day, advanced tools…
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White Paper Infographics Is The Future

People today like to consume everything in fast pace either its food, product or any information. This digital era is more inclined towards the visual world that helps in turning out complex information into a simple quick and…
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Reasons to Have an Infographic Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CV is the representation of the individual that leaves a prominent impact on the receiver before the in-person meetings. Now organizations are flooded with CVs whenever there is job opening and in that flood, if your CV is…
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What Are People Doing During their Working Hours?

The above crafted infographic image designed by our infographics design agency, visually shows how often people have been found performing additional activities during their working hours. People are known to be social animals and cannot be restricted to…
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