Atikem, a premium coffee, foods and supplements exporter, wanted to work with a London-based designer who was highly experienced in putting investment pitch decks together.

After viewing our portfolio, the client signed us up without second thought where we had the opportunity to go well beyond their expectations.

The Work

  • Notice how we used the pale orange and deep purple colours to relay elegance, class, and sophistication. The orange signifies the brand as very approachable, health-friendly and reliable while the purple exudes class and sophistication.

  • This is precisely the kind of message our client wanted us to deliver: get a flavour of authenticity and sustainability through premium foods exported straight from Ethiopia.

  • This is precisely the kind of message our client wanted us to deliver: get a flavour of authenticity and sustainability through premium foods exported straight from Ethiopia.

  • Throughout, we strategically used the orange to draw the potential investors’ eye to key numbers and figures, all silhouetted against a beautiful and elegant-looking deep purple background, making it really easy to absorb the information and drive decisions.

  • For each kind of food or supplement, and the different ingredients used in each, we used playful yet professional-looking icons which immediately informs the reader of the benefit of investing in such a product.

  • We also rather cleverly highlighted the importance and demand for such a product, again alternating between orange and purple to indicate how the demand for organic and sustainable produce, for example, has arisen, with “A quarter of the world’s botanical foods available from Africa” eloquently highlighted in purple. This clearly signals to the investors of the value proposition to be had.

  • As you scroll through the pitch deck design, you’ll find that it tells a moving story of how the client begun exporting Ethiopia’s produce as far back as the 1950s – followed by the estimated worldwide market value of coffee, foods and supplements in current times.

  • All of this is, again, selectively showcased in orange highlights against a purple background as we felt that this colour scheme along with large, prominent icons (without being oversized) is the kind of aesthetics that potential investors take a liking to.

    And, they totally did!

“Convincing investors to realise the value proposition in something and win their trust is never easy. However, the design team at Infographics Designers proved me otherwise.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

Thanks to the beautifully put together presentation deck design, which included a comprehensive timeline of how the client planned to drive ROI and build brand relationships:

  • Atikem was able to explain their sales and marketing goals in a direct and straightforward manner, practically handing the value proposition to potential investors on a silver platter.

  • Ultimately, our client secured plenty of investment to push forward their sales and marketing strategy, increasing brand popularity and ROI, thanks to a robust presentation deck design which helped the target audience realise the true potential of Atikem.

    Do you need a winning design to help strike the right chords with your target audience? Our design team has vast experience across all verticals and would love to bring your vision to life.

“I didn’t think a presentation design could profoundly do so much work: behind the scenes” to attract and convince investors. Bravo! We got the funding we needed and the design played a governing role in it.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Omar Alee

CEO, Infographics Designers & Out of Box Ltd, UK

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