We were approached by Managemind Group – a corporate education organisation specialising in creating bespoke learning processes and capacity building modules for all scales and levels of organisations – to design participant profile cards and competence cards for an upcoming workshop.

Towards the end of the workshop, Managemind Group was able to effectively deliver the intended message through beautifully designed A3 and A5 cards which aided them in smoothly conducting the workshop and getting everyone to collaborate on their goals almost effortlessly. They also saw a significantly increased social following as a result after enthusiastically sharing the designs across their social channels.

The Work

Managemind Group wanted us to create materials for their workshop which would easily stand out as professional, yet easy on the eyes, and minimalist so as to not overwhelm the participants.

Our expert designers were quick to understand their vision, particularly the needs and requirements of the participants, and shared a few preliminary designs to have our client’s thoughts.

  • The purple and green tones not only resonated immediately with the workshop participants but also showcased our client’s dedication and professionalism towards conducting effective workshops that deliver as promised.

  • We used large and prominent images as well as icons and fonts to make it easier for the participants as most were senior professionals between the ages of 50 and 60. We had to be very careful about how to use white space and the available design real estate, as our client and especially their participant has some very unique requirements.

  • The competence cards were absolutely adored by the participants and our clients as well who found it very easy to conduct each session, moving from goal to goal with little effort.

“Conducting workshops for older professionals is always challenging. I was looking for a design and colour scheme that would instantly scream “this stuff is for you” without looking intimidating or complex.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

Our designs won hearts and minds all over!

  • The competence cards and participant profile designs helped our client support the ambitions of each participant, guiding them to decisions and actions which would complement their professional journey and corporate education goals.

  • Managemind Group’s social media profile improved as a result of the designs which were shared and celebrated across all their social media channels – raising their brand awareness prominently, thanks to hundreds of likes and shares within only the first few days of the designs being posted.

  • The designs not only boast minimal and professional looking colour tones as well as fonts, but also exudes Managemind Group’s expertise as a provider of educational material to help organisations improve their learning processes and capacity building across all layers.

That’s precisely what our designs helped them achieve.

“I was very pleased with the results I got after delivering the workshop with Digital Bee’s designs at the core. We met our targets and were even able to tap into a new market we never knew existed!”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Omar Alee

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