Managemind Group is a well-known Dutch corporate training & education organisation which specialises in customised learning processes for businesses of all scales, as well as capacity building modules across different organisational levels.

The client wanted us to highlight important data findings through 12 unique dashboard designs. To say that our designers delivered would be an understatement. Managemind Group was beyond satisfied once their direct client, Yuverta, saw how the key data and findings were cleverly integrated within each dashboard, helping the latter deliver the intended message with unnerving ease and gain a significant ROI increase as a result.

Yuverta represents 20 different VET schools in Southern Netherlands and is has the highest ranking in sustainable business operations in the secondary vocational education sector.

The Work

The key objective of the dashboards was to show the increasing demand and importance of conduction the training & education in a more green way, where educational facilities and institutions need to respond to sustainability, climate and health to attract more students. In addition to a green portfolio, they must also have a ‘green’ appearance of their facility to attract more students. Managemind Group wanted to build a sustainable partnership with one of their clients, Yuverta, to help them attract more educational and training businesses looking to become sustainable and ‘green-ready’.

In a nutshell, our client wanted to showcase the above information through straightforward dashboards containing easy-to-digest information which can be used to quickly make decisions – giving academic institutions affordable and practical ways to either upgrade their own facilities for sustainability or invest in desirable and worthy buildings that offer a high degree of sustainability.

  • Having worked with our valued client on previous projects, it was clear from the beginning that the same bright neon green plus deep cobalt blue colour scheme must be used throughout. This was important for a number of reasons – for instance, it helped in making certain data highlights pop, drawing more attention where it was needed – while the deep blue background helped add a sophisticated level of contrast, adding further credibility to the way the information was presented on each dashboard.

  • All in all, our client wanted to deliver clear and transparent information on how each venue or building would serve the purpose in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness, and this is something we kept at the forefront while coming up with the design for each individual dashboard.

  • Every piece of information arranged on the graphs and dashboards was put together using lines, graphics, colours, fonts and icons that easily guided the reader to making decisions around which building to invest in – or what the pros and cons would be for investing in a specific building.

  • The use of just three colours to drive home key points was done on purpose so as to keep the reader focused on the main content, and particularly the indicators in each dashboard.

“Bars, graphs, statistics, and whatnot can be boring for most people. Because all they want is information in an easy-to-read format that’s instantly digestible, comprehensible and actionable.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

Managemind’s client, Yuverta, saw the following:

  • Significant interest coming from educational institutions not only within the South of Netherlands but also nearby regions, ultimately, encouraging more schools, colleges and universities to embrace green initiatives.

  • This directly led to a much higher customer satisfaction level for Managemind Group as they delivered verbatim to their client’s expectations.

It was a short and sweet project of ours and our design team won many hearts and minds with their handiwork.

“What we thought might turn out to be a dull presentation full of dashboards and numbers was vibrant, engaging, and insightful. It helped our client (Yuverta) deliver key messages in a very friendly, succinct, and effective manner.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

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