Our client, who owns a mortgage insurance business, wanted us to come up with a straightforward ‘no frills’ infographic to help homeowners with an outstanding mortgage loan.

The design needed to be easy on the eyes, simple to read and understand, and hit home a few key points so that the reader spends minimal effort on understanding the importance of mortgage insurance.

The design and content not only explained mortgage insurance and why it’s important through a simple yet effective layout, but also helped our client get hundreds of conversions across both their website and social media presence.

The Work

Mortgage insurance can be a complex topic. In fact, it can be outright dull at times, especially when you want to explain to a target demographic who may either have never heard of mortgage insurance or isn’t sure how it can help them with outstanding mortgage loans.

From the outset, our client wanted the design and content to revolve around three key aspects:

  • Professional advice tailored to each individual’s personal circumstances

  • 24/7 support no matter what day or time of year it is

  • Some of the most competitive pricing in the UK mortgage insurance sector

Our design team sat down with the client to explore the ins and outs of their business, as well as come to terms with their audience’s key pain points.

  • We chose bold fonts that almost jump out at the reader, coaxing them to read further and take action. We also went with neutral but friendly and ‘non-intimidating’ colours to reassure readers that they were making one of the best decisions of their life by investing in mortgage insurance.

  • Neutral colours like mild red, blue, orange, yellow, and green were cleverly used throughout to provide a little depth and contrast to the content – superimposing certain points over others, where the client wanted their audience to take the desired action.

  • The colours and friendly icons used against a white background sat perfectly with our client’s branding and target audience – easily explaining what mortgage insurance is and why they need it.

  • Every icon we handcrafted along with the accompanying content explains in the least amount of words why mortgage insurance is necessary for anyone paying off a home mortgage loan. This seamlessly flows to the next call-to-action which is our client’s 3-step process to get people started. It quickly explains how easy it is to get mortgage insurance and what some of the benefits are of doing so.

  • The entire design flows down to the three key points which urges readers to take advantage of the offer – i.e. professional advice, 24/7 support, competitive pricing. Simple fonts and neutral but friendly colours, which require no further explanation.

“The subject of house mortgages and mortgage insurance can be a dull and even intimidating topic for most. There’s a fair amount of misinformation revolving around it but the design team understood my vision from the outset and laid my audience’s fears to rest.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

We were able to explain a difficult, complex, and often dull subject in a positive, friendly, and encouraging way:

  • The client was overjoyed with the response they got from potential customers inquiring about mortgage insurance.

  • All in all, our infographic design helped them sell hundreds of mortgage insurance plans and positioned them as an authoritative brand in their niche.

“Extraordinary design and content. Helped explain the topic clearly and in an approachable way. Very happy with the results.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert


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