About Ethical Angel and Learning with Purpose™

  • Established in 2018, Ethical Angel’s mission is to develop technology which charities and NGOs can use to add true value to their cause.

  • Established in 2018, Ethical Angel’s mission is to develop technology which charities and NGOs can use to add true value to their cause.

  • Designed to help drive better effectiveness, efficiencies and engagement within such organisations’ leadership and development programmes.
  • The following case study is the result of a collaboration with PepsiCo and their new managers based in different parts of the world, demonstrating how this technology can benefit those working with charitable organisations, non-profits and NGOs.

What does Learning with Purpose™ hope to achieve?

  • Most Leadership and Development (L&D) programmes fail – in fact, success is rarely guaranteed. Why? Because the gap between knowledge transfer and real-life applications is rarely bridged.

  • What’s the solution?
  • The only solution in terms of becoming proficient with a new skill or behaviour is to practice, according to research done by Harvard Business Review.
  • Leaders must learn to embrace the discomfort of being beginners in order to build a new skill from the ground up and excel in it over time.
  • According to one study by EdgePoint Learning, there was a 134% increase in learning capacity and retention, simply through the repeated act of practicing.
  • Now, most businesses are hesitant to do this because allowing learners to go through targeted practice – which means not with co-workers in a simulated environment but real-life scenarios – can be an expensive, challenging and even risky proposition.

  • Learning with Purpose™ aims to change that with its unique technology suite – making all such learning accessible, low-resource and scalable.
  • This technology-based solution which was deployed in PepsiCo in 2022 as proof of how effectively it works, which is what this infographic case study will demonstrate.

Everything you need to know about Learning with Purpose™ and how it works

  • PepsiCo is a global business in a highly competitive market, striving to be the best at what they do – their L&D team is always innovating and coming up with best practices to give their people a competitive edge so that they can drive the organisation further toward success.
  • Ethical Angel’s collaboration and partnership with PepsiCo initiated in 2021 where the former tested the hypothesis that experiential learning, with the needs of charitable and non-profits at the centre, can, in fact, improve targeted learning.
  • The results in 2021 came in very positive: learners using 360 feedback (captured from the needs of those fighting for good causes), recorded increases of up to 55% in targeted skills and behaviours. Did we phrase this part correctly? Some of the text in the PDF is a bit confusing, particularly when talking about “causes”.

  • PepsiCo was quite eager and excited to deploy Ethical Angel’s learning model throughout their business units, asking the team to develop technology that would enable the seamless delivery of Learning with Purpose™ at scale.

  • Ethical Angel tested the technology on PepsiCo’s manager cohort, specifically targeting the skills and behaviours which, according to the company’s criteria, make a good manager.

  • This enabled the company to have real situations with their managers to work with, so that the learning could be translated and applied directly to actual, real-world scenarios.

The Technology

  • Ethical Angel’s user-friendly, customisable and engaging technology was found by PepsiCo to be “delightful” as it was low-resource, scalable and effective; this level of profiling and targeting delivered the right learning experiences from the outset for learners at scale.
  • Our approach has three unique mechanisms or components: Personalisation, Matchmaking and Reporting.
  • All driven by AI, these three mechanisms provided users with powerful yet easy-to-use plug-and-play technology for experiential learning that is highly impactful, effective, and measurably engaging.

  • Personalisation – This is the key to user engagement. The learner’s profile is used to understand what kind of projects they are capable of delivering, how to best motivate them to deliver such projects, and the underlying charitable causes they are passionate about.
  • This is overlaid with the learning goals they and their employer want to target. Profiling and targeting this way enabled us to deliver precisely the learning experience PepsiCo wanted, and deliver it to their learners at scale too.
  • Matchmaking – Once we capture what a learner’s capabilities are (The Scope) and their learning goals (The Map), our system generates projects and links them with the causes the learner may be interested in.  “Promotes them to good causes?” from the PDF – We weren’t sure what this meant so have we framed this part correctly?

  • Every time there is a match based on a personal preference, the learning experience commences and is completed upon application. Sorry, we didn’t follow this entirely – e.g. “the learning experience commences”? Can you please explain this last part?Your Content Goes Here
  • Reporting – Throughout this learning experience, our technology is actively surveying both learners and causes, based on the skills and behaviours that have been targeted.

  • This is all captured automatically along with many other metrics which provides full clarity on the ROI achieved via Learning with Purpose™.
  • While these three components do their individual work, all reporting is done live, providing high-level and granular detail to help the organisation and its learners gain insight. This data can be exported as well.

How does Project Generation work?

  • Once we were supplied with the competencies and behaviours PepsiCo leaders wanted their new managers to experience, we knew exactly what to do.
  • PepsiCo wanted their learners to improve upon specific skills, competencies and behaviours in order to become more effective managers, and drive higher productivity within their respective teams.
  • We determined the scope of each project according to the expertise and experience of each individual learner, after which projects were automatically assigned to charitable causes around the world as “pro bono” opportunities for each individual.
  • The projects had 4 defined stages where the technology prepared the learners for each stage, highlighted the competency they would practice, and captured their reflections as well as feedback from the charitable cause, in order to measure effectiveness.
  • The projects were completed over a span of 6 weeks where learners worked in teams to complete their objectives. Upon completion, 100% of the PepsiCo learners showed increased confidence in mapped skills, while 21.9%, on average, showed an overall increase in skills following 360 feedback.

The Accessibility and Ease-of-use

  • The Ethical Angel learning system by design is flexible and user-friendly, fitting around the causes learners are interested in and their work life.
  • Even though PepsiCo’s learners came from 12 different countries and time zones, 100% of learners were able to access and complete their learning experiences with ease, which is a strong testament to the technology and user success systems we provide.

Power of Practice

  • A key reason for PepsiCo deciding to scale with Ethical Angel was to ensure that their people have the opportunity to practice; not in simulations and role-plays, but with real people in a safe-to-fail environment.
  • PepsiCo felt that giving their people opportunities to practice in this way would give them a better chance of learning the skills and behaviours that would unlock their true potential.
  • This is precisely why Ethical Angel gives learners the platform, systems and technology they need to practice – a safe environment where they build the confidence to develop new skills.
  • According to a Mckinsey & Company survey, many learners said that they prefer to develop and practice new skills and behaviours in a “safe environment,” where they don’t have to worry about public failures that might affect their career paths.

Measuring Engagement and Social Impact

  • A report by Gallup suggests that the cost of a disengaged employee comes up to 34% of their annual salary – Learning with Purpose™ addresses that as it actively measures and improves user engagement.
  • After using Ethical Angel’s learning technology, PepsiCo users showed an NPS of +67, which is considered an “Excellent” Net-Promoter Score – two key aspects were involved in achieving this: personalisation and social impact.

  • Personalisation is only possible after having created the users’ profiles – the technology then understands which projects they can effectively deliver and the causes they want to support.
  • Personalisation is only possible after having created the users’ profiles – the technology then understands which projects they can effectively deliver and the causes they want to support.
  • From there on, it’s about providing users with a meaningful and personalised experience – a natural consequence of learners effectively using their personal development time to do good and see measurable and tangible results.
  • The Learning with Purpose™ technology delivers significantly higher user engagement than the current industry standard – our learning solution deployment to PepsiCo was no different.
  • A Gallup survey revealed that companies with a high level of employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Conclusion: Cause Impact

  • Multiple causes were being supported by the PepsiCo learners with multiple projects which were assigned to each learner in a way that saved time, energy and money – all of which were better allocated to support their respective beneficiaries.
  • These beneficiaries were spread across the world with the majority of them being in Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Their support’s value can be measured in the thousands of dollars. It seems the last slide in the PDF is a bit inconclusive – we were expecting to see perhaps some statistics and numbers which showcase how the PepsiCo learners benefitted in terms of achieving their goals or how effective the platform is.

    Also, I believe this is where you’d like to benchmark the data which you referred to in the original brief?

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