We had the privilege of crafting a beautiful infographic design for the UK’s largest independent hotel brand, Travelodge Hotel Limited. The infographic helped our client increase recruitment by more than 25% as our expert designers were able to clearly showcase the benefit and value proposition of their Leadership Development Programme.

The Work

We approached this design just like any other: with full-fledged passion and flair, creating every icon, graphic element and colour tone from the ground up to reflect our client’s brand philosophy and underlying message. We did run into a few design niggles early on but those were quickly resolved with our lead designer rising to the occasion and exceeding our client’s expectations with ease.

The main goal of this project was to showcase our client’s strength as a thought leader and how their Leadership Programme could improve and enhance the skills as well as careers of both current and future leaders. The infographic uses just the right mix of colours and minimalist icons to hit home the value proposition, immediately letting the viewer know how they can benefit from Travelodge’s Leadership Development Programme.

The infographic design boasts a clear and coherent flow to indicate the success journey of new recruits for the leadership programme, and how they can continue to develop and operate as a team. The entire piece acts as a testament to Hotelodge’s dedication and commitment to developing top leadership within their ranks, where the icons, graphics and particularly colours, effortlessly guide the viewer through their success journey.

For this purpose, we chose minimalist icons and a straightforward ‘no nonsense’ layout that would accomplish three key requirements:

  • Highlight Hotelodge’s expertise for developing a thorough and future-proof leadership programme

  • Demonstrate to new members of the leadership team how their leadership skills will be honed, nurtured and brought up to speed to reflect the latest best practices and success strategies.
  • Establish Hotelodge as a company that is always focused on leadership development to build teams that comprise professionally happy, healthy, and highly motivated individuals.

    We carefully chose 4-5 key colours to represent the above, all the while using clear and consistent icons along with easy-to-follow captions – all of which effortlessly highlight the benefits of the leadership programme along with the outcomes participants of the programme can expect.

“I needed a no-nonsense infographic that could quickly showcase the importance of my leadership programme to both existing and new trainees within the programme”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

One of the first benefits our client reaped after conducting the infographic-focused presentation was increased motivation levels amongst both the existing leaders in the leadership development teams and new members.

In fact, motivation and employee satisfaction levels increased by more than 30% and Hotelodge even saw a 16% rise in the number of individuals applying for senior leadership roles. All in all, they were very pleased with how the infographic helped them showcase the strengths of the Leadership Programme. Our client even saw more hotel bookings in the first few months, following the infographic presentation, thanks to renewed motivation and higher job satisfaction levels within their leadership development team!

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“Infographics designers exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The design and content hit home with my audience with little effort. Brilliant job all in all”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Omar Alee

CEO, Infographics Designers & Out of Box Ltd, UK

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