Not all of us have the time to schedule for a gym workout in our busy schedule, but then it is important to stay fit and healthy at the same time. The internet is flooded with shortcut exercises that can help you with a workout plan, but which one do you rely on?

Exercising at home or outdoors without a trainer can be dangerous because you may not know what muscles to work on and injuries are most likely to happen. However, our infographics design agency has created the absolute solution by providing a quick and effective workout, guaranteeing results. You can not only burn calories but lose weight, tone your body and feel great with this 10-minute home cardio and body weight workout. Body weight exercises displayed through this very creative infographic design developed by our infographics designers which focuses on toning certain muscle and providing you a strong posture. Body weight exercises allow strengthening muscles and burn fat effectively.

Body weight exercises comprise of side leap, bench press, bench press push-ups, tightrope walk, side shuffle, step-up, side step, slalom jump and hanging crunch. You can incorporate certain exercises in your fitness regime to focus on particular toning areas. Each exercise concentrates on different muscles and parts of the body. Body weight exercises are the most natural way to increase bone density, tendon strength and strengthen your metabolism. As it can be observed that weight machines didn’t exist forever, initially people would lift heavy packages or items and set them down which has made them strong for centuries. Such similar techniques can be seen in these body weight exercises too.

Another highlight in our infographic design is the 10-minute home cardio which has been creatively displayed by our infographics designers. Cardio exercise boosts cardiovascular fitness and builds muscular mass which can be attained through burning aggressive calories, and fat. Our infographics design agency has intuitively created an easy visual tutorial for you to follow when it comes to 10-minute home cardio. Above all, before starting any kind of exercise it is essential that a warm-up exercise be performed of about 5 mins, before the exercise routine, followed by cool down with the same exercises. As exhibited by our infographic designers you can see after every round of cardio it is accompanied with 5 minutes warm-up exercise initially and exercises to cool down before moving on to the next round. Whether you are interested in toning your body for the beach or want to shed a few baby fats after your pregnancy, this is an amazing routine to follow.

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