Everybody knows that the future of social and content marketing is ‘visual’. Images complimenting text has been found to be an effective strategy in creating a strong impact. According to the latest research, the average attention span of human beings is constantly on the demise. In 2000, it was 12 seconds whereas in 2008, it creeped down to 8 seconds (even Goldfish can pay attention for up to 9 seconds). What this means is that your infographics must truly stand out. Let us take a look at some ways in which your infographics can truly capture the attention of your audience:

Make It Short and Sweet

Many studies have shown that people like infographics that fit easily within one screen. Use graphics intelligently to say more in less words. Make sure you keep your content less and let the icons and numbers do all the talking. Doing this requires skill on part of infographics designers and researchers.
Be Accurate Although it is important that you use less content and more graphics, it is also essential that your information is accurate. One of the common mistakes that designers make in misrepresenting data is by showing a pie chart that adds up to more than 100%. Make sure you use the right kind of representation to depict data accurately.

Fine-Tune the Formatting

No matter how great your infographic is, formatting errors such as spelling mistakes or improper sized boxes can really turn the reader off. Make sure you take time out to double-check your infographics before publishing them. This will not only give your company an ‘expert status’ but will also help you garner trust for your brand.

Make It Attractive

Well, this one’s pretty obvious. Make sure you use the latest design techniques to create compelling infographics. Bring in your creativity and think out of the box. Use complimentary colours or feel free to experiment. If you can make your infographic attractive to the eye, it will surely become more likely to be shared.

Add References at the End

Make sure you provide links to the sources of data collection. This will establish your company as credible and honest and will give the readers a chance to view further information if they are interested.

About Infographics Designers

At Infographics Designers, we have a bunch of rigorous researchers and creative graphic designers to create informative and compelling infographics. We live and breathe infographics and really know all the tricks of the trade.

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