PPC advertising is a kind of online marketing where you pay a price for every click your ad receives. These ads can be displayed in a variety of online mediums, such as social networking sites, websites, and search engine results pages.

Whenever we think about internet usage, Google always comes up as it is the most logical place people start when looking for something online. So, in terms of pay per click or PPC, you need to understand what a Google PPC ad campaign can do for your business.

Why businesses need to run Google PPC ad campaigns

Now, Google is definitely not the only search engine there is or the only one people are using, but it is certainly the biggest and most commonly used one. We can’t think of the last time anyone from our team picked up their phones to search for something, and ended up on any other search engine but Google!

So, clearly it is the “preferred” search engine and this is how businesses take advantage of all that search traffic – in fact, 28% of traceable web traffic comes from paid search, that is, pay-per-click ads.

A robust Google ad campaign should be a part of any business’s digital marketing strategy, no matter how big or small they may be.

How do PPC ads on Google work, anyway?

Taking full advantage of a Google PPC ad campaign means putting a fair amount of effort in it and relying on the kind of marketing knowhow that is built over several years. It’s always a good idea to speak to a digital marketing agency to understand what to expect from Google PPC ads and how to make the most of them, although knowing some of the basics is a good start too:

Account structure

You need to first create a Google Ads account through which you can create multiple campaigns. Each campaign is split into ad groups which are made up of keywords and the ads associated with them.

Run ads on display network, search ads or Google Shopping

You can run Google ads across either display network, search or Google Shopping networks. The underlying PPC model is still the same, but the look and set up of each ad type is unique.

For instance, Google Shopping ads work best for ecommerce businesses as they encourage users to go straight to the product page where they can buy what they need – while search ads pop up at the top of search engine results pages, meaning that users can find what you want them to find without having to scroll down or ‘look’ for anything.


The more businesses are bidding on a certain keyword, the more expensive the clicks will be – so advertisers must bid on what they believe to be the most valuable keywords, while also keeping budget in mind. It is always best to choose keywords that are niche-specific and not highly competitive ones as they can have very expensive costs-per-click (PPC).

Have a sit-down with our expert digital marketing team – they’d be happy to demonstrate the value a bespoke Google PPC ad campaign can bring to your business.

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