The human mind is primed to process images and understand messages a lot faster as opposed to reading lines of text. This is why infographics have become massively popular as a tool of communication and marketing.

In that light, we thought we’d come up with the top 8 infographic statistics you might be interested in knowing as 2022 draws to a close.

Top 8 infographics statistics in 2020

  1. Studies indicate that readers’ attention spans increase by 82% when they needed to recall something based on the colours in visuals. This means that using the right amount and combination of colours in infographics, you can make it a lot easier for your audience to retain the content.
  2. When compared to hearing, people are 55% more likely to remember something that they saw as opposed to something they heard. So, in essence, this means 10% vs. 65% which indicates that infographics can amplify your most important messages and make them far more memorable compared to auditory content.
  3. In one recent study, psychologists revealed that 55% readers preferred to read messages which used colour, compared to messages which were in plain back and white. Properly using colour design principles in your infographics means you can increase the likelihood of people prioritising your message.
  4. In another study, researchers gave on group visual instructions only and another group instructions containing no visuals. The group which received instructions via visuals only showed 15% more productivity in their given task compared to the one which received no visual instructions. When there is important information you want to relay to your audience, infographics help to integrate that information in their minds by using visual aids to improve understanding.
  5. Researchers demonstrated how there was a 39% decrease in the time needed to find crucial information in a document when readers were presented with the said information through colour, visuals and charts, compared to the other group which were given the same information in plain text. Great infographic design will always save your readers time, allowing them to find the right information a lot faster.
  6. Here’s an interesting one: patients who received their health statistics on an infographic were 2.84 times more likely to estimate the risk of their health conditions accurately and make important decisions pertaining to their next course of action. Health researchers, clinicians, nurses and doctors use infographics all the time to ensure that their patients can quickly and easily digest information which is crucial to their health.
  7. In a study done by the Aberdeen Group, it was discovered that businesses who are using data visualisations are 28% more likely to find the information they require for important projects in order to quickly make decisions. And indeed, one of the best benefits of using infographics is their ability to highlight data visualisations.
  8. The clever use of colour in infographics has been linked to an 80% increase in readers’ motivation levels. Well-designed visuals will always make your infographic content more attractive, better understood, and shared far more than non-infographic content.

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