Google Ads offer five types of campaigns to choose from, with each one having its own unique benefits. Let’s break it down for you so that you can decide which one best suits your marketing and advertising goals.

1. Display ad campaigns

Google has an entire network of websites from various industries along with a broad array of audiences who have opted in for Google Ads – otherwise known as the Google Display Network. The benefit to you as a website owner is that you are paid for every click or impression on your ad. The benefit to advertisers is that they get to showcase their content in front of ‘ideal’ target audiences, i.e. those which are fully aligned with their respective buyer personas.

These are typically image ads on a web page which fully draw the user’s attention away from the text or content on that page.

2. Search ad campaigns

Search ads are text-only ads which pop up on Google SERPs (search engine results pages). They are also known as ‘sponsored ads’ and the benefit here is that your ads will show up in a place where searchers tend to look first – on the top half of the results pages. These ads are displayed in the exact same format as the other results on the page, with the only distinction being that they carry an “Ad” label for the users’ convenience.

3. Video ad campaigns

Video ad campaigns let you reach and engage with your ideal audience on YouTube through Google video partners. When someone plays a video on YT that they are interested in, your video ad may pop up at the start, during, or after the actual video.

Google targets only your ideal users so if someone is watching a video on DIY home improvement tips, they will likely see an ad pop up on tools or something similar – and that can serve you very well to create some buzz, improve sales volume or tell a story about how your set of tools or home improvement products can help them.

4. Shopping ad campaigns

Shopping ads are also displayed on SERPs, containing detailed product information like price, features and images. Shopping ad campaigns can be run through Google Merchant Centre where you simply enter product-specific information and Google will do the rest to create your ads.

The benefit with this type of ad campaign is that rather than market your brand as a whole, you can promote specific products and/or product lines. This is precisely why when someone looks up a particular product on Google, they see ads for different brands (selling the same product) show up along the top or side of the search results page.

5. App ad campaigns

As the name implies, Google app ads are great for promoting your mobile app by displaying an ad on Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Play, YouTube, and other channels.

Ads can be highly specific too – e.g. you might run app ads to encourage prospects to download your app and trial it for free or if they are already using it, you can use ads to help them take better advantage of the existing features or how to make the most of a newly introduced feature.

While other types of Google Ad campaigns require a specific design, App ad campaigns don’t because Google simply needs information on your app and your target audience. As soon as you place a bid, Google will do the rest to make sure your app is only in front of the eyes of your target audience.

Not sure how to fully utilise Google Ads or choose the right kind of ad campaign to your advantage? Our in-house Google Ads team can advise on this, and also create a unique design for your campaign to make sure it reaches the desired target audience and ROI.

Published On: March 2nd, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy /

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