Annual Report Designs

At info graphics designers, we place unparalleled power and potential at your fingertips to engage your key stakeholders through a highly compelling and effective annual report design.

Delivering your business’s essential information such as performance stats, noteworthy achievements and milestones, financial targets, strategic direction, etc. through an annual report presents a unique chance to communicate directly with all your external and internal audiences. 

With professional copywriters, annual report designers and production specialists at your disposal, our team will manage each stage of your annual report design project. They will ensure that you end up with a stunning piece of communication that is not only easy to understand, but also offers the right information in a persuasive manner – while also showcasing your company’s commitment to accountability and transparency.

From interactive PDFs to online page turners and eye-catching infographics, we deliver the most high-quality print and digital annual report designs – bringing your investors and stakeholders on-board and also creating tremendous business value in the process.


Annual Report Graphics and Designs

Perhaps one of the most glaring issues that many organisations face when planning their next annual report is how to go about designing it. And these projects hardly come around once or twice a year, so it can indeed be challenging to produce a report that boasts a significant improvement over last year’s.

Fortunately, with a creative annual report design team accessible to you 24/7, you can borrow from our decade’s long design expertise to help you find just the right mix of fonts, graphics and other visual nuances to meet your goals – no matter what sector you’re in.

Through an expansive design process, you can explore a variety of options at your disposal, as well as discover potential creative directions for your next annual report.
The days of wordy and long-winded annual reports overstuffed with too many facts and financial information are long gone. Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to strengthen your brand, as you convey your core communication messages in a compelling and engaging way.


Annual Report Designers?

Through a highly professional layout theory, expert copywriting and editing, as well as all the necessary graphics and visuals – we are able to craft annual reports which not only create the desired impact, but also faithfully recreate the year’s achievements, bringing them to life with eye-catching visuals and sophisticated designs.

From high-quality traditional publications to online digital annual reports, our team has the skill, experience and expertise to showcase all your business’s key facts and hard work on a beautifully designed and professional looking annual report.

No matter what kind of business you’re running, or what sector you may be operating in, our annual report designers will sit down with you to understand the purpose of your report, and come up with something that’s really worth talking about.

In order to design a highly compelling and impactful annual report, there are a number of factors that we take into account:

The underlying concept/story

We help you outlined and present a clear-cut story all throughout – a little something that provides us a creative base to work with and ensures that’s your target audience will remain engaged from start to finish.

Bespoke infographics

One of the best ways to reveal numbers, facts and statistics is through a beautifully designed infographic.  Our designers know how to highlight all your achievements and milestones in a way that will leave all your stakeholders utterly impressed.


We understand the annual reports must meet stringent typographic guidelines, and we know how to strike just the right balance between a great design and flawless functionality.


Together, we’ll help you decide on the format that will best work for your target base.

Finishing touches

Each one of our annual report design projects begins with extensive research. We are not afraid to ask questions and go into great depth and detail, to understand what you’ve achieved historically, the latest trends in your sector and your target audience’s mindset. This helps us understand what kind of annual report design will best work for you.

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Annual Report Designs

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