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We are your go-to visual design agency for conference and tradeshow exhibition design, including presentation slide decks, infographics, flyers, posters and brochures, and much more.

In the busy halls of a big conference or trade show, it can be challenging to make your brand ‘pop’ and stand out. With several dozen booth designs competing to get attention, the quality of your conference material design can pretty much mean the difference between acquiring lots of leads and ending the day with almost no return on investment.

When your trade show booth, banners, posters, flyers and conference infographics all incorporate consistent visual communication, people stop and take notice. At Infographics Designers, we understand that a trade show or conference is a major investment. We will sit down with you to understand your trade show goals and come up with a conference design that’s highly shareable across all your promotional materials – whether they are print or digital.

Without a well-planned visual presentation strategy, your trade show efforts may fall short. Our conference visual design experts will see to it that all your conference collateral is a raving success.

We support a broad range of conference collateral designs including trade show exhibit designs, brochure, flyer, poster and infographic design, presentations and much, much more. With over 90% conference visitors paying attention to visual content more than anything else, it’s important that you take advantage of everything at your disposal to garner their attention.

Why a Great Conference

Material Design Is Important

Conferences and trade shows offer a tremendous opportunity to establish yourself as a niche authority and also build much better brand recognition. And if your conference collateral and material designs aren’t up to par, this opportunity will slip right past you.
If you put yourself in the shoes of a conference attendee for a moment, you’ll quickly understand that they are not big fans of too much text or too much “talk” – because for a fact, whatever you plan to say, is all the “text” they can handle. Instead, what they do identify with instantly is highly attractive conference collateral visuals, which faithfully supplement what you want to say.

This may include anything from booth graphics, data visualisations and photographs to motion graphics and presentations with infographics, and more. Your conference collateral design is something that will not only give life to your presentation but also keep your attendees engaged from start to finish, on a visual and auditory level.

You may also want to leave your attendees with a ‘reminder to take action’, such as an eBook, flyer, poster or brochure, giving them more information about the topic at hand. And once they see your conference materials overflowing with high-quality visual branding and messaging, they’ll establish a sense of trust with you

Why choose us as your

Conference Collateral Designer?

Conferences offer an excellent opportunity to boost brand visibility because all visual content that’s created around them, including promotional materials, will help you gain more recognition and leads.

Our conference collateral designers have decades of visual design experience and will give all your conference collateral assets a consistent look and feel. People will quickly be able to identify with your brand and take the desired action in just a few easy steps.

We believe that as with all manners of content marketing, there’s no limit, really. We have worked with clients from just about every industry, no matter how big or small their business may be, to create highly unique and bespoke conference design solutions. Our conference collateral designs have proven useful for our clients time and time again:

  • Complete booth designs
  • Brochures, flyers, banners, posters and other print materials
  • Presentations with motion graphics and infographics
  • Slide decks and eBooks
  • Custom take-home materials for attendees
  • Visual interfaces for booth visitors
  • Promotional conference content for blog posts and social media before and during the show

Why get dwarfed by the competition, when you can have a superb conference collateral design to attract leads by the numbers? Discuss your project requirements with our conference collateral designers today.

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