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Your customers represent the very backbone of your business and when they need intuitive dashboards to highlight all their company data, those had better be the best dashboards they ever get to use.

Global Search Console, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics – if you’re using any of these for your users’ campaigns, chances are we have it! At infographics designers, we support all the well-known tools that you may be using to represent your users’ data.

Even if your users have custom data of their own, we can help you import your own CSV files and create beautiful, intuitive clients dashboards that have all the data you need.

Whether you have just started your business with a few dozen clients, or you’re already a household name with thousands of clients – it is one of your key responsibilities to make each one of them feel cared for.  With countless dashboard design options, you can easily add your clients’ logos, all relevant images, your own insights or personalise specific metrics – the customisation options in our professional dashboard designs are almost limitless.

There’s no reason to hide what you’ve achieved within your company. In fact, sharing the good news with all your customers and key stakeholders is a must – and this is where our expert dashboard designers come in. By the time we’re done, all you have to do is download the dashboard PDF that we sent you, or share the URL link with your users, which you can all access anytime, anywhere.

Work with our dashboard designers today and allow us to power up your monthly online marketing reports, client data and much more.


Dashboard Design Experts

Apart from showcasing client data, dashboards can also allow you to streamline and simplify all your marketing analysis and reporting through a single solution – and with our dashboard designers working with your internal marketing team, you can automate all your marketing reports within minutes.

It’s time to take your data to a higher level, allowing all your viewers to better engage with it, explore it and dig deeper if they need to – through a highly immersive and intuitive dashboard design. With the ability to update themselves automatically, our custom dashboards are designed with a ‘mobile first’ policy in mind, so that all your users can easily interact with and use that data across their preferred devices.

Go ahead and do away with your manual spreadsheet – our automated marketing dashboards are all you need. The intuitive dashboards we offer don’t just boast a great design but also superb form and functionality:

Real-time marketing data

With up to date marketing dashboards, you always have insights into what’s going on as events unfolds, not at the end of the week or month.

Cross-channel analytics

Use our marketing dashboard designs to compare performance for each respective campaign across various advertising platforms, to help understand what’s truly driving your business.

Custom metrics

Create your very own metrics if you like, which you might use for analysis and reporting purposes within your internal marketing dashboards – this allows you to set up your dashboard to reflect the most critical elements of your business.

Multi-user support

Invite all your clients, core team members and stakeholders to access the custom dashboards we design for you, showing them live reports on how things are moving along within the company.


Advertising Platforms

Our custom designed dashboards are capable of uploading data from over ___ advertising platforms. If you need support for an ad platform that’s not included, we will add it at no extra cost.

Stay on top of all your marketing efforts through intuitive and highly functional dashboards – or help your clients showcase their key data. Talk to our dashboard designers today to get started.

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