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The right data is something that can used as a very powerful emotional tool to elicit certain responses or actions. Through innovative data visualisation designs, we can help you tune into the emotional needs of your users, fostering more love and trust for your brand.

One of the best ways to make sure that your users engage with your content for much longer than just a few seconds, is to make it more interactive and as easy to consume as possible. And with audiences being so time-starved, it can be difficult to take key insights and complex information, and turn it into something that’s easily identifiable and very easy to digest at first glance.

Our data visualisation experts create highly engaging and impactful visualisations, along with eye-catching animations, digestible infographics and intuitive dashboards to meet the needs of your organisation. They are skilled storytellers and love what they do.


Storytelling Simplified

To remain competitive, businesses are fighting tooth and nail to retain their current users and doing everything possible to acquire new users. With so much data to share with your audiences, you need bespoke data visualisation designs to effortlessly transform your boring spreadsheets into stunning looking maps, online charts, interactive stories and more.
At infographics designers, we are data visualisation specialists, helping businesses provide engaging and insightful information to their users, which may otherwise be boring or too complex to understand at first glance. Through interactive infographics, applications, animations, charts and graphs, reports, presentations, dashboards and more – we can help you relay all your key data to audiences in the simplest and most digestible format imaginable.
The sheer volume of data that users must process has grown to a level that might perhaps be easily digested only by a statistician or researcher. Your everyday users simply don’t have time to decipher complex data, no matter how useful it may be. Good data visualisation techniques can communicate very complex concepts in a quick and efficient manner, either supplementing large chunks of editorial copy or replacing it entirely.

There have been countless reports thus far on how visual data is much easier to process because:

  • Over 60% of users are visual learners
  • Visuals are more likely to stick in our minds than raw data or numbers/facts
  • Our brains have the ability to quickly process images even if exposed to them for less than a quarter of a second
  • Nearly 90% of all information that’s transmitted to our brain is visual

Release the emotional power of your data today with unique and engaging data visualisation designs.


Data Visualisation Experts?

With an entire data visualisation team at your behest, you can safely do away with all the flat and dull-looking spreadsheets, presentations and charts – and make the shift to world-class storytelling.

We’re not just infographics designers or brand identity designers at heart, but also journalists. By incorporating editorial thinking and research into our data visualisation process, we transform your data into highly engaging and understandable visual narratives.

We are unique because we rely on a very straightforward process which includes a story-driven approach from the outset – ensuring clarity and creativity in all our visualisations, and using all technology and platforms available to break down your data into something that “everyday folks” can easily process.

From concept to final build, here is how our tried-and-true data visualisation design approach works:

Initial concept

We start off with a creative vision which forms the basis of what your data-driven story should reveal.


Our in-house researchers and journalists will explore, examine, curate and edit your data in order to refine the narrative.


Our visualisation designers explore all visual options which may be appropriate for revealing the stories behind your data.


A beautiful and well-considered design enhances the overall understanding of your users.

Final Build

We consider the best methods, technology and platforms to bring your concept to life and pushing boundaries to maximise engagement.

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