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We are an award-winning packaging design agency with decades of experience, working with major retailers, as well as top local brands and startups, offering simple yet effective solutions to complex challenges.

At Infographics Designers, we love creating unique packaging designs from scratch and also refreshing tired and outdated packaging. Our expert packaging designers boast years of experience working with businesses of all scales and sectors.

We believe that a beautiful and bespoke packaging design is the most accurate embodiment of your brand and your advertisement spaces, such as your main shop window. We have helped countless businesses from a variety of sectors elevate their brand experience, by creating gorgeous packaging designs that make the right impact – from store shelves to website thumbnails and direct-to-consumer packaging.

Despite the digital age, where all of your customers are online and heavy consumers of social media, the power of a truly unique packaging design is not to be underestimated – for it can act as a very powerful vehicle for promoting your brand image, and also inspiring better trust and confidence in your consumers. 


Packaging Design brings

As a top packaging design agency, we understand that a unique packaging design can be one of the most critical aspects of brand marketing. It helps you tap into your consumers’ subconscious while also offering value-added functionality. Therefore, its potential as a powerful marketing tool should not be overlooked by any means.

Our packaging designers love obsessing over every little detail and the first thing they ask themselves when working on your packaging design is: “How will this product look while sitting on a shelf and will it capture the attention of our client’s ‘dream customer’?”

Businesses often end up spending many long months fine-tuning their brand identity, and even with all the details worked out properly, they often end up rushing the packaging design or leaving it as a ‘last minute’ task. This can potentially be a huge mistake because research has revealed that nearly a third of product buying decisions consumers make are based on packaging alone. In fact, over 60% consumers have claimed that they happily bought a new product only because of the packaging design.


Packaging Design Experts?

With our decades of experience as packaging designers, we truly understand the demands of bringing a product to market. And throughout the years, clients from all industries have relied on us to create beautiful and unique packaging designs – that are 100% aligned with their key brand strategies and broader business objectives.

From cosmetics to food products, and pouches to cartons, our packaging designers will work with you to come up with eye-catching packaging designs that dramatically drive sales and much more:

Creative designs 

We love striking just the right balance between intelligent design and creativity, delivering truly inspiring designs that are retail-ready.

POS-centric designs

We love coming up with point of sale designs and advertising that are creative and memorable, as well as consistent with your key brand philosophies.

Artwork creation

Many people see packaging design revolving around creativity only, but we see every design as a technical piece of artwork, crafting it to perfection to meet the desired end goal.

Artwork creation

Many people see packaging design revolving around creativity only, but we see every design as a technical piece of artwork, crafting it to perfection to meet the desired end goal.

Multilanguage packaging 

We also offer a complete package design translation service for brands that need to meet global exporting demands.

Reprographics and colour sensibilities

With are reliable reprographics and colour management services, each stage of the packaging process is carefully looked at in order to create the most stunning pieces of product packaging.

If you’re looking for beautiful, innovative and effective packaging designs that make your products sell like hotcakes, then contact our expert packaging designers today.

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Expert Packaging Designers

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