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We offer social media designs to engage your fans in a highly targeted way and set you up for continued success.

At Infographics Designers, we like to call social media “the modern megaphone” – and in this day and age, social media savviness must be an essential part of your marketing strategy, in order to get people to talk about you. Boosting brand exposure, increasing traffic and gaining keen insights into your market can all achieved by utilising social media channels properly – and a large part of this equation has to do with beautiful and creative social media content designs.

We pride ourselves in being a social medium design agency that takes the time to listen to our clients’ needs, understand what the market is all about, and their current position in that market. We design content and graphics for their social media campaigns accordingly, and in a way that not only drives sales, but also catapults them to the top of their respective niche.

Our team of social medium design experts have years of experience, and are adept at producing anything from style guides which you can implement yourself, to fully managed social media marketing design.


Marketing Design so Important?

Not having a prominent social media presence in today’s digital age is like not being a part of the Yellow Pages, if the go back about 30-40 years. And today, you certainly cannot expect to reach your desired audience members, if you don’t have great social media content and designs to let them know that you’re there, ready to serve them.

Until just 2018, there were around three billion social media users – so you really cannot afford to not be connected with your audience.

Well-executed social media designs drive highly targeted traffic to your website and social media channels. And when combined with unique SEO-optimised content, you can further improve your search rankings. However, acquiring more leads and customers is not the only benefit that great social medium designs offer – for social media also acts as a very powerful tool for connecting with industry leaders and influencers. This can help further drive your business and make you a more trustworthy source, which means people will see you as the “go-to guys” to meet their needs.

Social media marketing also happens to be one of the most insightful and preferred methods of building relationships, both with your existing customers and prospects. There is just so much you can learn about your customers’ buying habits, views and opinions on your business, general preferences, and much more. 

It’s important to understand that at the heart of all these online marketing efforts lies a great social media design strategy – because without, it your posts will not have much weight, let alone get shared.


Your Social Media Designer?

With businesses investing so heavily in social media marketing across all popular channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more, you just cannot afford to get left behind. And if you take a good look at the social media pages of any leading business in their respective sector, you will notice that the content they post is all framed within a really beautiful and bespoke social media design.

From social media GIFs and Instagram feed curation to full-blown social media campaign photography and videography – our team of in-house social medium design experts will work with you to bring your social media marketing to fruition, no matter what your budget for business objectives.

Our social media designers will dig deep in order to understand what it is exactly that you want to achieve through your social media campaigns. If you’ve already set of objectives and KPIs, they will craft social media designs around those – but if you like, they can also help you set specific social media marketing objectives based on your target audience, key business objectives and much more.

Our social media marketing design team will also perform a competitor analysis to understand how target audiences respond to specific social media designs. Subsequently, they will advise on the best social media channels to use in order to reach your target audience – and then come up with breathtaking social media content designs to help you claim your place in your sector.

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