Design for Training Materials

An effective design promotes a positive learning experience, which is not only motivating for learners, but also improves your brand identity.

Designing your training materials a certain way can have positive or not so positive effects. Even though everybody’s attention will be first and foremost on your professional trainer, it’s potentially a mistake to include something like training material design as an afterthought.

A really great training material design that’s included from the outset will massively boost readability of the content and how quickly participants are able to grasp the underlying context.

Our expert training material designers will assist you in enhancing the presentation of your corporate training courseware in every way imaginable.

No matter what your training goals are – whether it’s to bring more stakeholders and investors on board or to enhance the skills off your existing workforce – exceptional training material designs really matter because you not only need to get everybody interested and motivated, but you must also make the right first impression.


Great Designs

We can’t stress enough on the importance of how a great training material design can motivate your trainees. And even if you present the best content to everyone involved in one of your corporate workshops, if it is poorly designed, you can bet that the participants won’t gain the knowledge and benefit from it that you had hoped.

If you have ever witnessed participants in a workshop for training session who start snoring a few minutes into it or have their eyes glazing over, chances are that they’re being forced to go through text-heavy screens that are just plain dull and unexciting to look at.

There can be many adverse effects of a poorly done training material design. For instance, while your learners are trying to figure out how to load a specific training module, and end up navigating in a way that makes sense to them – there’s a good chance that they will not land on the correct page. Frustrated and not so motivated to go further, they might give up entirely.

At Infographics Designers, we firmly believe that design is the gateway to content that is easy to consume and fun to interact with. It’s the first thing that people notice when they view your training material. Think about it: if trainees are forced to get past half-hearted training material designs just to get to the meat of the content, they will probably be irritated and weary by the time they arrive there.

Therefore, it’s a very important to emphasise the right parts in your training materials – and a great design is the foundation on which navigation is made easier, on which the content is made more fun and engaging, and much more.  


Training Materials Designer?

How much time and effort you put into designing your training materials can mean the difference between your participants walking away with a wealth of knowledge, or not showing that much interest.

When it comes to great training materials design, you need to make sure that it answers the following questions:

  • How well is the business’s branding represented?
  • Do all the items you want to give out match in terms of brand identity consistency?
  • Do the fonts match between different items?
  • Is your logo present in all the right places on each one of the training materials and has it been faithfully recreated?
  • Is color used appropriately and in the correct places?
These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself when it comes to designing training materials. Just to reiterate, your reputation is everything – and it doesn’t matter whether the participants are your own employees or someone from outside the organisation – it really pays to get your training materials design right.
Our talented training materials design team love helping people extract more benefit from the training materials that they can consume. Our mission here at Infographics Designers is to not only help you deliver exciting and motivating training materials, but also make you stand out among your competitors as someone who takes their training and development very seriously.
It’s time to do away with those ‘default templates’ and work with a training materials designer who is willing to gain a profound understanding of how your brand works, what values you thrive on, and what the best strategies should be to best represent your brand in your training materials.
Talk it over with our expert training materials designers today.


Training Materials Designer

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