There are three reasons why young women leave academia in greater numbers as compared to men. This is because most women while studying for a PhD come to realise that the characteristics of an academic career are not as fascinating as they thought them to be at first and that the sacrifices they have to make while pursuing it as a career are going to be far greater. According to a research carried out by the Royal Society of Chemistry, men and women develop totally different attitudes when pursuing their professional careers as researchers. Before the commencement of their studies, around 72 % of women are very enthusiastic to pursue their careers as researchers, either in academia or industry and there are around 61 % of men who possess the same intention.

However, by the end of last year the proportion for men falls to 59 % whereas for women the percentage drastically fall down to only 32 %.  The reason why both of these groups tend to lose interest and opt out is that they feel that the career paths are far more limited in the field of research due to the high competition in the market. This results in reducing their self-confidence. Furthermore female PhD candidates are also told that after attaining this degree they are more prone to facing problems in finding a good job because of their gender.

The reason why most women are missing in research today, is evident from the above mentioned analysis.However in order to deal with this issue it is imminent to make institutions realise that their present educational systems have to improve their standards in order to attract more candidates. This may only happen if we change the current university culture so that a new example is set for future challenges.

Keeping this view in mind our creative design team at made this info-graph for our client The British Council. After receiving the facts and figures from the client our infographic design team came up with the plan of putting the relevant information in this infographic in a visually attractive manner.

Keeping the education theme in mind this infographic tried to cover all the research that enlightens the reader about the low percentage of women opting for post graduate degree and research jobs. Our infographic designers used grey colour for the background, which is usually associated with examination papers. The pictures and banners used were all symbolic of education and graduation. The effective use of a female graduate’s picture by our infographic designers immediately enlightened the reader that the topic is related to education for women. The font colour that is green on a grey background provides a good contrast for the text. As our client wanted to give more information to the audience about the topic thus our innovative infographic design team added less pictures and more text. As an alternative to images we sparingly used small symbols to provide the proportion of women researchers in different service sectors as compared to men.


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Published On: October 1st, 2014 / Categories: Design, Education /

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