5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter


Initiating and adapting to a new hobby offers a considerable amount of benefits. Entrepreneur’s infographic very clearly and vividly demonstrates the five hobbies that are certain to make a human being smarter if adapted well and executed efficiently as well as regularly. The infographic focuses on five of the most common hobbies which if enacted at any time or any place, it can certainly get your brain pedalling faster.

10 Days To Better Productivity

By Infographic World

Some days are just meant to be unproductive, isn’t it? But who buys that excuse in today’s era. In our fast-paced world, the human populace intends to make every second count and in such a milieu even letting a day pass by unproductive is a substantial loss to one and all. Therefore, there are a number of ways which can help you restore your productivity; but the fundamental technique to ace this is to give it a start and keep it going. This infographic by Infographic World gives you the insight into ten hacks or means that you can implement to make great progress in your daily productivity.

A Well-Balanced Blog

By LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Infographics are efficiently used to illuminate and explain a conceptual comparison by means of visuals. As a matter of fact, food comparison in pictorial forms is the best treat to our eyes and our brains. Jason Miller from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions borrowed this food comparison from HubSpot and transformed it into an amazingly innovative infographic that portrays the food analogy while conveying the message of a well-balanced diet in the most conceivable manner. Simultaneously, he used visuals of food including meat, vegetables, and grains which provided an element of authenticity to the infographic design.

8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog Posts

By j6 design

It becomes awfully hard to even think of an idea or two when you are facing a writer’s block, and then putting those concepts together literally makes you feel as though you are in a miserable state of mind. In such a circumstance the possibility of initiating your writing process with a blank page in front of you is like drowning yourself into a continuum of lost thoughts that will escalate your wandering. In order to help bloggers save time by skipping this drama, j6 design came up with this substantially helpful infographic which provides the secrets to writing faster without losing precious blogging time.

History of Hashtags

By Offerpop

It was during the first generation of iPhones that Twitter first began using hashtags. Within a span of two years, Twitter gained complete acquaintance with the #hashtag. Ever since then, subscribers on Twitter have used and abused the hashtag in ways that suited their businesses and personalities well. The infographic that Offerpop designed clearly elucidates the trends that hashtag triggered and the ways that it ruined some of the most amazing concepts.

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