Infographics may have become very popular in spreading brand awareness; however they need to be designed with utmost care to gain viewers’ attention. Infographics that contain detailed information and complex statistics might bore the viewers. Often times, inexperienced infographic designers create visual illustrations that do not look appealing.  Moreover, they add meaningless content in their infographics that can even frustrate the viewers. On a website, it is not necessary to present the entire content through infographics.  You need to share concise data on your infographics to attract viewers.

Creating infographics require a lot of research and creative ideas in order to captivate the audience. Incompetent infographics might look really unappealing and may not deliver your message to your viewers. Let’s look at some of the features of incompetent infographics so that in future you can avoid making such graphic designs:

  1. Excessive text

Infographics may look incompetent when they contain excessive text. Infographics with massive text may look boring and complicated to the viewers. They may even make it difficult for the viewers to remember the information. Infographics must contain minimum text to support the graphics so that viewers can easily read it and understand your message.

  1. Poorly created tables, charts and lists

Incompetent infographics may have poorly created tables, charts and lists. Inaccurate data may be the sign of unprofessional infographic designers. Infographic designers need to show rising trends, appropriate relation between different variables, and accurate information. While creating an infographic, you need to proofread the material thoroughly to avoid making mistakes.

  1. Incoherent story-telling style

Most infographics may be used for telling a story; however you can make your infographic incompetent if you do not adopt a proper narration style. Infographic that have improper sentence structure, complex statistics and random facts will not entice the audience. You can make an infographic interesting and engaging by adding lists or timelines.

  1. Visually unappealing

Another feature of incompetent infographics is that they may not be visually appealing. They do not contain vibrant layout and images. Infographic that does not look beautiful and unique may grab viewer’s attention. Visually appealing infographics may have beautiful colours, stylish layout designs and high resolution images.

  1. Use of unreliable sources

Unprofessional infographics have information that is not obtained from verified and reliable resources. You might hear a lot of negative feedback from your viewers if you also present information acquired from random blogging websites. Therefore, make sure that whatever data you add in your infographics have facts that are verified from multiple credible sources such as research journals, newspapers or books.

Now that you are aware of way that make infographic ineffectual, you must be able to create infographics that contain simple, concise and reliable content in the future. There are numerous benefits of infographics; hence you should definitely use them to acquire brand exposure.





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