Small and medium business across the UK might find it hard to attract a larger audience since they are on a limited budget for advertising and promoting their product or brand. Unlike large corporations who can spend in bulk behind R&D and advertising campaigns. With social media picking up the speed, more and more people across the world are connected on single platforms with the help of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Social media encases many benefits for small and medium companies that might have difficulty to appeal to large target audiences.

As demonstrated by our creative infographic designers, the statistics speak for themselves. 56% of users check their Facebook daily and 70% of marketers use the Facebook to gain new customers. Facebook users are most likely to conduct a purchase decision based on referrals by their friends and family. Twitter, another social network site has drawn approximately 300 billion tweets have been sent since it began. Twitter is best to generate leads for marketers and understand any complaints and criticism that users might have. LinkedIn proves to a resourceful tool when it comes to establishing and managing social networks over an organized business community provided by it. It is reported that an average user spends 21 minutes/week on LinkedIn. These detailed statistics have been organized by our infographics designers and have been artistically displayed alongside vital statistics.

The infographic designed by our infographics design agency also conveniently shows 6 major benefits, social media has for small and medium businesses in the UK, they as follows:

  1. Branding: With large companies surfing near to the surface, acting as bait for potential customers, small and medium businesses might not be recognised amidst them. It is important to syndicate your content and increase visibility on these platforms. Constant appearance of your brands on multiple pages will allow customers to be better acquainted with your company’s name.
  2. Competitive advantage: recognizing essential target market and the channels to reach them is vital. Proper trafficking will lead to quick-growing natural links and this can only be accomplished through identifying the right viral social media tool. Additional advantages include relating to customers, resolving problems and attracting quality staff.
  3. Great Outreach: social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have made the customer-marketer relationship personal. You can understand customers’ concerns and issues regarding your brand or product and make changes accordingly. It provides a personalised approach when it comes to listening customer experiences with products.
  4. Cheaper than traditional marketing: probably one of the most crucial advantage that social media has over traditional marketing. It favours the limited budgets that SMEs have. Traditional marketing requires companies to drain their funds on exhaustive R&D and advertising campaigns. But with social media SMEs can access their customer base in no time and connect with them on a personal level.
  5. Associate with remote customers: unlike traditional marketing through social media you can reach out to customers who may not reside in the same country as you do. Etsy is an excellent example where it gathers individuals, who expertise in hand-made crafts and sell them to customers that happen to be across the continent.
  6. Offer better customer service through social media: this is inevitable; because when you are able to connect with customers on a personal level, by listening to their grievances and promising them a better experience next time, it creates a sense of believe. This proactive behaviour helps in satisfying customers and creating a bond of trust and faith with your company.

The above infographics design clearly depicts the benefits of social media present in our current business culture; it is inevitable that SMEs don’t join in.

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