Infographics are being used widely by a lot of businesses today as they are a good way to benefit your business through visualised content. There are many different kinds of infographics which many people today use as a marketing tool for their business.

Below is a list of 8 different kinds of infographics, so which one, amongst these 8, is the most suitable for your business?

  1. Visual article

The strength of a visual article lies in the title of such an infographic. Just like any other article in a newspaper or a magazine, the people must be attracted towards your visual article by its title. Once the audience is engaged because of the heading, they must then move on to the content which needs to be interesting and informative so that the readers are not disappointed. A visual article can be a huge success especially on social media platforms.

  1. Flow chart

Flow charts are always a huge success when it comes to engaging the audience. If the flow chart is interesting enough to engage the right audience it can become a huge success on various platforms. To make a flow chart interesting, one needs to keep it simple. However, having a lot of options is always a bonus point. Not to mention, the wonders a little touch of sense of humour may bring to your infographic.

  1. Useful bait

Useful bait is a kind of infographic that is mostly used to explain something, answer an important question visually or to show how to do something. Useful Bait is great for content sharing platforms as the content displayed on them are straightforward and strictly relevant.

  1. Versus Infographic

As the name suggests itself, versus infographic compares two different things visually so that we can see the similarities and the differences easily. Such an infographic needs to be interesting and relevant enough for the people to care about them. Again, a slight touch of humour may bring success to the infographic.

  1. Photo Infographic

Photo Infographics are the most visually attractive infographic as they use photos to describe details or tell a story. The design of such an infographic is usually simple and people often add text in them to further explain or describe the idea. They are usually produced to answer a question or guide the readers.

  1. Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation Infographic is the most important and common kind in the infographic world. They are used to turn the content or information into something that is completely visual and appealing which makes the content interesting for the audience. These are great for high profile sites if made well with a careful design. The main focus of such an infographic is mainly on the design which is effectively visual with a lot of data.

  1. Numerical Infographic

A Numerical Infographic is used to visualise data and statistics. A good design is the backbone of such an infographic as it is made with charts and impressive numbers along with some visualisation. Hence, an engaging design will help the audience engage and understand better.

  1. The Timeline

We all may be familiar with timelines but did you know that they make great infographics? A timeline is great to take people to a journey of something that they may care about. The design of such an infographic is a crucial element. Aside from this, a timeline may be used to visualise complex or easy data. However, the topic or the journey must be something of an interest to the audience.

So these were the 8 kinds of infographics, have a look at them and decide which infographic suits your business the best!


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Published On: January 8th, 2015 / Categories: Business, Design /

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