For the last couple of years, infographics have been creating serious buzz in the online world. The increased popularity of infographics is evident by the fact that there has been an 11 percent rise in the use of infographics in a single year, and over 65 percent of the population is identified as visual learners.

Along with individual designs, Infographics are now becoming an important part of the PowerPoint presentations too. Due to the rise in visual audience, presenters find graphics more effective and convincing to convey their proposals to clients. However, there are many presenters who believe that use of text content and powerful presentation skills are enough to win new clients. Such presenters usually end up with heavy slides stuffed with text. This leads to the loss of audience’s interest as well as prospect customers.

Although the graphics used in presentations are quite similar to those in infographics, but knowing about the correct use of PowerPoint deck can be more beneficial to balance the text and graphics in one presentation.

By following the tips given below you can create the perfect balance in your presentations.

· Get Organised

To make your presentation more convincing, start from arranging the key points and details separately. You need to put all the key points in your presentation and the details can be left for the verbal explanation.

It is important to know that what data needs to be incorporated in the presentation and what should be omitted. This can be done only when you have a clear vision of what you need. Start from summarizing your data and scooping it down to keywords and bullet points.

After getting the information, arrange your work. Keep the most important details at the top and then follow the sequence. Organise your work according to your audience. Knowing your targeted audience is essential as you need to prioritize your presentation according to them. The information should be distributed in a way that can keep the audience involved.

· Avoid information overload

It is observed that too much of everything can produce opposite results. Giving your audience more information than they can process can let down your presentation.

Make sure you give enough whitespace just as you do in infographics. Whitespace allow readers to relax and focus more on important details. It also presents your work in a much clear and distinctive way.

In order to make your PowerPoint presentation more impactful, try to use more meaningful visuals. By incorporating visuals, such as bar charts, graphs, pie charts etc. in your presentation can boost your work to another level.

· The final touches

Once you have gathered data and have placed it correctly, you need to finish it with some final detailing. Start with backing up your data with accurate facts and figures. This will make your presentation more convincing. To make your work more legible, label all your diagrams and visuals that you have used.

Narrative hierarchy is another important element that can make your work worthwhile. Try to create links between your data as this makes information easy to understand.


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