Nearly all marketing campaigns can benefit from a targeted landing page, although campaigns with paid promotions can especially benefit from one.

The campaigns below are examples of those which should never be run without a targeted landing page:

Email marketing campaigns

Email is a marketer’s most valuable conversion channel, even in this day and age of social media and digital marketing, effectively delivering a cool $36 for every dollar spent, or £29.31 for every 81p.

Studies have also shown that personalised email messages generate 6x more transactions, and every personalised email message should have a personalised landing page to go along with it.

What happens when you attach a specific landing page to every email you send? Your subscriber will immediately be taken to the intended call-to-action and will know exactly what to do.

Paid social media ad campaigns

Over the last few years in particular, paid social advertising has gained a lot of traction, especially given the retargeting and ad fine-tuning capabilities. However, these capabilities are often not fully utilised if all that hard-earned traffic is sent to a web page with scattered information where the call-to-action is not clear.

Highly targeted ads must have highly and equally targeted landing pages, and with a message to match – the three combined maximises ROI. As long as you have enough data on your users where you are effectively fine-tuning your ads with laser-like precision, you also have enough data to deliver the most relevant and engaging landing page experience.

Paid search campaigns

You’re likely using Bing Ads or Google Ads already to boost traffic, but your campaign will not reach its true potential without a landing page. According to Google’s advertising guidelines, your audience’s landing page experience will have a major impact on Quality Score.

If you don’t have a dedicated landing page that’s relevant to your audience’s search, your campaign could potentially be penalised – this means lower ad visibility and, eventually, less traffic coming to your website.

Google goes on to say in their advertising guidelines that a higher Quality Score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers.”

With a dedicated landing page for your paid search campaign, you can actually reduce your cost per lead by at least 50% or more!

Retargeting campaigns

The average percentage for Google Ads conversion on their search network and display network is so low that you need to draw almost 99% of your traffic to your landing page.

Personalised retargeting campaigns deliver ads based on your prospective customer’s behaviour, and they will help you achieve the above. With the right tools, you can send ads to prospects based on their behaviour and usage patterns on your website.

One marketing research agency claims that this method can boost conversion rate by at least 2-3 times on your landing page.

Need we say more? Make your campaigns work for you with the right landing page design and content – speak to our SEO and landing page specialist team now.

Published On: December 26th, 2022 / Categories: Social Marketing, Social Media /

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