Our client, an industry-leading tech company offering services in vessel tracking, risk mitigation solutions, and LoT connectivity, wanted us to create an investment memorandum highlighting their key services and demonstrating a clear value proposition for investors. Clearwater Dynamics did not only manage to secure major investments but also improve business efficiency across the board as our design helped them win hearts and minds all over.

The Work

Clearwater Dynamics is known in the industry for their leading solutions around vessel intelligence & operational support, oil & gas management, risk mitigation & loss prevention, and vessel optimization & data solutions, among other things.

  • We approached the design with a cautious digital brush as we wanted to capture the general essence of Clearwater’s branding and their expertise in each sub-sector.

  • The design cover starts with a sophisticated grey background with aquamarine borders, along with a beautiful shot of Clearwater’s main premises sandwiched in the middle.

  • We kept the grey and aquamarine scheme uniform throughout the investor presentation, carefully choosing fonts that were just the right size without looking overwhelming or intimidating.

  • Our designers really shone with their icon creating skills, beautifully encircling each hand-crafted icon with our client’s signature aquamarine branding colour tone.

  • Using a succinct voice for the text, we communicated the value proposition for potential investors in a way that almost instantly won them over.

  • Pivotal to the design were the different font sizes we chose for each page, all of which helped in communicating key messages in a more direct and easily understandable way.

  • The design and presentation from slide to slide flows effortlessly to guide readers toward the most important messages on each slide – from the icons, clearly laid out text and insightful snippets to the eye-catching charts, images and graphs which illustrated our client’s expertise in the respective sub-sectors.

  • Throughout the design, we included important quotes, again, using the same carefully selected 2-3 tones we used throughout – to help readers stay focused on the value proposition.

  • Even though the overall design might come off as a bit simplistic upon initial glance – some might even call it bland – it 100% helped Clearwater hit home with the key messages they wanted to deliver to potential investors.

  • Using the right images, icons and graphs strategically throughout the presentation was one of our key goals as we had to maintain an optimal flow, in order to accomplish our client’s end goals: secure the investment no matter what.

“I was impressed with Infogrpahics designer’s portfolio and their past success record, although I was not sure if they would be able to deliver exactly per our vision as the target base was rather complex.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Outcome

  • Thanks to the clearly laid out design, strategic use of fonts and icons, as well as clear and succinct messaging throughout, our client saw a 30% spike in business, not only as a result of securing the investment but also after posting our design on their social media channels.

  • Likes and shares went through the roof, further cementing Clearwater’s reputation and expertise as an industry leader.


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“Infographics designers proved my initial skepticism wrong! Their design team knew exactly what kind of target base they were designing for, and really helped highlight our reputation and expertise as an industry disruptor.”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer

Marketing Consultant Expert

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