Mercedes Benz – a name synonymous with class, style, luxury, and performance. Being automotive lovers ourselves, we were absolutely thrilled when the client approached us to design an elegant and timelessly classic infographic, speaking of the manufacturer’s history throughout their automotive journey, along with a couple of fun facts for good measure. The client runs a car leasing and rental business offering many vehicles for hire, including Mercedes Benz.

The client was just as thrilled as us, if not more, to see the first few designs, where we cleverly used a beautiful mix of monotone colours to show off the elegance, class, and style associated with Mercedes Benz – as well as effortlessly guiding the reader from one fact to the next, along with a logical timeline of the manufacturer’s rich and often complicated history throughout the years.


The Work

Cars have a special place in nearly everyone’s hearts. Well, we’re no different. And, to be working on an infographic design highlighting facts and history around one of the most sought after and desirable car manufacturers in the world was a dream come true for our design team.

  • Keeping in view the manufacturer’s unique logo and the mostly silver paintwork associated with Mercedes Benz vehicles, we chose to go with just 2-3 colours – silver, black, and white – to do justice to the style, elegance, and commanding presence the manufacturer has.

  • We also handpicked the highest-quality photos from different eras in the manufacturer’s rich and much celebrated history, building on them with brief, fun, and descriptive text to give readers some context and background.

  • Through this clever and playful design which, at the same time, looked very ‘proper’, sophisticated and elegant, we answered many “fun” questions and discussed key facts surrounding the world-famous auto manufacturer, such as: Why it was called Mercedes Benz, famous people who own Mercedes Benz vehicles, the manufacturer’s motto, and who the first person was in history to be issued a driving license (hint: it was the man behind the silver arrow logo!).

  • Our designers were very careful to capture Nathan’s signature mustache and beard along with his ever-so-famous red headset – all captured in the graphics in unmatched detail and accuracy

  • The colour scheme, fonts and typeface we chose is very easy on the eyes and gives readers the impression that they are taking a trip through history books and getting to know important facts around one of the most revered and successful car manufacturers in the wold. And, it truly feels like it, thanks to our design team’s persistent efforts and their familiarity with as well as passion for different automobile manufacturers.

“In the automotive world, and especially when you’re running a luxury vehicle rental business, it can be quite challenging to set yourself apart. Well, we thought, let’s come up with an infographic on the history of one of the vehicles we offer for hire. It worked!”

Melissa Dean Client
Mercedes Benz

The Outcome

Riverdale Leasing absolutely loved the finalised infographic design and soon after publishing it across their social media channels and website:

  • They saw a 26% increase in the number of car leasing and hiring inquiries as well as successful rentals for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

  • Not only that, but the infographic went so viral that Riverdale Leasing saw even more demand for other European car hire models on offer, including Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW.

“What a remarkable design combined with content layout that flows effortlessly from point to point. The design especially speaks directly to fans of Mercedes Benz and showcases why it’s a great vehicle to rent for all occasions. Brilliant job, thanks, will come back again!”

Melissa Dean Client
Mercedes Benz


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