Our client Nathan Brown, who has over 2 million followers on TikTok, wanted a fun and playful box art design for a “bobblehead” version of himself – something that would come off as both engaging and memorable. Our designers came up with a stunning box art design which not only looked playful and fun at first glance but also very professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing, thus, appealing to a wide range of audience members.


The Work

Seeing how our client specialised in music reaction videos and with a viral following of 2M+, our designers were super-excited to come up with some preliminary designs to see how they grabbed Nathan.

The client absolutely loved the first couple of design drafts and concepts, although our work was all cut out for us (pun intended, totally).

We collaborated closely with Nathan at each stage:

  • Taking in his valuable feedback, and using the perfect fonts and background colours to make the bobblehead doll pop against the ‘cool and laid back’ background.

  • One side of the design featured the bobblehead version, while the other feathered an actual high quality photo of Nathan.

  • The thing with our client was that he enjoyed bobbing his head and smiling a lot! After all, that’s what his music reactions were about and people absolutely loved them. This is precisely the essence we wanted to capture in the design: Nathan as a fun-loving, friendly, playful and almost a-bit-goofy-at-times kind of character that everyone would instantly be drawn to.

  • Our designers were very careful to capture Nathan’s signature mustache and beard along with his ever-so-famous red headset – all captured in the graphics in unmatched detail and accuracy

  • Given the colours of the main character – black, brown and red – we strategically chose a pale aquamarine background as we felt it best characterised the atmosphere of Nathan’s actual reaction videos.

  • One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had a winning design on our hands which the client loved through and through.

  • We handpicked bold and prominent text for this one as it faithfully paid homage to our client’s colourful, playful and energetic personality, creating an innate need in anyone looking at the package to buy the product and bob their own head while watching Nathan’s reaction videos!

  • It took us a few tries to get Nathan’s smile right but we got it down almost perfectly, much to our client’s delight. “Bob Along with Nathan” got approved as the slogan and we were all very happy to see Nathan’s jubilant reaction upon gazing at the final product.

“I wasn’t sure if a design agency like Infographics Designers was up to the task because, to be honest, I had never worked with one and just didn’t know what to expect.”

Melissa Dean Client
Nathan Brown

TikTok Star

The Outcome

Nathan was beyond overjoyed after seeing the finalised box art design and so were we! The Bobblehead product helped our client improve his social media popularity by more than 22%, causing a noticeable surge in likes and shares on his content.

Subsequently, our client’s popularity soared even further off social media as more and more people started buying “bobblehead Nathan”, bobbing along to the same tunes he loves and reacts to, and even approaching Nathan more frequently on the street just to confess that they have a bobblehead version of him proudly sitting on their car dash or top drawer!

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“My concerns, doubts, and uncertainty were completely laid to rest. The design team brought my character to life in full colour, doing justice to the aura and personality I wanted to capture with the packaging.”

Melissa Dean Client
Nathan Brown

TikTok Star

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Omar Alee

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