As per recent research it is evident that tobacco is a serious global problem as it kills more than 5 million people every year. Furthermore, it is reported that more than 11 percent of deaths that are caused as a result of ischaemic heart disease are attributable to tobacco use. Many fatal diseases such as bronchus cancer and lung cancer are caused as a result of smoking. If the current situation prevails then tobacco use may kill more than 8 million people per year, by the year 2030. In light of the above statistics compiled by the WHO it is evident that tobacco is a leading cause of many deaths around the world. To address this serious health issue we present you with a few suggestions that may help in reducing tobacco consumption.

1. Price Increases:  Tobacco, alcohol and sugar are not necessities of life and therefore the increase in their prices will reduce the demand of these products for many people. Price increases, in the shape of taxes will also prevent many to reduce tobacco consumption, it is suggested that an increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes, will result in decreasing demand for cigarettes to 4 percent, in countries with a high income level. Furthermore, as compared to adults- teenagers and adolescents react more to price changes which means that they will be forced to quit smoking.

2. Ban on Advertisement and promotion: This really works! Tobacco is a communicated disease which means that it is communicated through advertisement, through the example of smokers and through the negative impact of smoke on non-smokers and children when they are exposed to it. As per the World Health Organisation, ban on smoking and tobacco advertisements will help in reducing the demand for tobacco.

3. Public Awareness:  Many a time’s tobacco users are unaware of the perilous effect of consuming tobacco on a consistent basis. They don’t know that tobacco consumption poses high risks of contracting fatal diseases such as cancer and emphysema. These diseases may also lead to premature deaths. In many developing countries people are usually ignorant of these risks associated with tobacco consumption. Tobacco consumption usually starts in adolescence and slowly becomes an addiction with the passage of time where it becomes extremely difficult to quit smoking. Therefore, there are chances that young adults are more oblivious about the risks on health due to smoking.  As young people are rebellious and impulsive they often lack the ability to make sound decisions and will not take steps to reduce tobacco use even if they are informed. However, recent research shows that by educating adult tobacco consumers about the addictive nature of tobacco consumption and its dire effects on health may seriously reduce the consumption of tobacco. The use of effective counter-advertising techniques in order to educate people about the dire effects of tobacco consumption has the ability to reduce the demand of cigarettes. These techniques combined with graphic representation and health warnings on packs of cigarettes will also help people to quit smoking. You may also hire an infographic design agency to create compelling infographics on the risks of consuming tobacco in order to communicate this message effectively to the audience. Infographics designers can use such images and facts in the infographics that will concisely explain the audience about why it is important to quit smoking.

4. Smoking Restrictions in Public Places:  The risks of smoking on passive smokers have become evident to many people. It is due to this reason that many developed as well as developing countries have embarked on a campaign to restrict smoking in public places such as transport facilities, restaurants and parks. In some high income countries such as the USA and UK many restrictions are also placed in workplaces so as to provide a healthy and eco-friendly environment to the non-smokers and employees. Public smoking restrictions also play an important role in forcing smokers to quit smoking because they consider it to be socially unacceptable.

In order to educate the audience about smoking being a global problem, the infographics designers at have designed this visually stimulating infographic for WHO. With the help of valuable data provided by our client WHO, our infographics designers created this infographic using interesting images, statistics and texts to help the audience understand the dire effects of smoking on adults and the youth and measures to be taken in order to prevent smoking in many countries. This commendable infographic created by our infographic design agency will certainly encourage many smokers to quit smoking.

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