Employee training and development is crucial for organisational success. It is beneficial for both employers as well as employees. Employees become more productive and efficient when they receive proper training by their employers frequently.

Companies need to use latest and effective techniques to train their employees to achieve positive results. Recently, electronic learning processes have seemed to enhance employee’s skills and knowledge up to a great extent. These processes include presentations, videos, webinars and infographics to teach new concepts to the employees.

Amongst these e-learning processes, companies may prefer using infographics to train their employees. Infographics have become really popular in educating people about different methods of research and surveys. Infographics may do a better job in simplifying boring and complex data as compared to power point presentations and videos. Creative infographic designs contain vibrant colours, organised charts, highlighted text, and amusing icons that and help them in understanding and remembering the information for a longer time. Here are few points that explain how infographics help employees in their training:

  1. Infographics enhance employees’ visualisations by presenting them important strategic ideas, plans or reports through attractive and engaging graphics.
  2. Infographics help employees to learn and understand company guides or manuals much more conveniently because they present such information in the form of colourful lists, tables, charts or graphs.
  3. Infographics explain new or changed policies, ideas or processes through pictorial representation, which makes it easier for the employees to remember the information.
  4. When trainers use infographics, they may not feel the need to give live demonstrations to the employees for their better understanding. Infographics contain images that easily explain what actions employees are required to take in any particular situation.
  5. An organisation consists of employees belonging to diverse cultural or educational backgrounds. Sometimes, it can become difficult for trainers to deliver a message efficiently. However, infographics can help trainers combine text with graphics to ensure that every employee has understood their message.
  6. Most employees find facts and figures very complicating. Infographics present difficult statistical data in a simplified way so that employees can easily go through the facts and figures.


The infographics design team at www.infographicsdesigners.co.uk has designed interesting infographics that organisations must use in their training sessions to acquire positive results. For example, the ‘eSports, Games & Grudge Match’ explain complicated statistics easily through colourful graphs, charts and tables. Companies can easily explain the rising demand of Esports games to their employees and what actions they are required to take to increase their sales through Esports infographic.

Infographic can help organisations save a lot of time, money and effort by giving effective training sessions to their employees. They come under unique and interesting strategies which helps organisations disseminates vast information effortlessly. These graphical illustrations can easily be embedded in power point presentations, webinars and videos. Organisations can use infographics to give different types of training to their employees like sales training, product training or safety training.

Published On: March 2nd, 2015 / Categories: Business, Design /

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