Google Adwords’ Enhanced Campaigns is nothing new – in fact, it was first unveiled nearly a decade ago to take the complexity out of building, managing, and measuring the impact of mobile search ad campaigns.

If you’ve never taken advantage of Enhanced Campaigns to create and optimise your mobile ad campaigns (and those for desktop), then grab your favourite snack or perhaps a coffee at the very least – this insightful article is all you need to get started.

First things first: Understand your user context

Before diving into it, we need to understand a rather important mobile search concept called user context. If you already have an in-house marketing team that does PPC and/or SEO for your ads, then you know what a powerful tool search marketing is – it allows you to connect only with the relevant audience members who are looking for you using keywords that are relevant to your business only.

However, what you may not be aware of is that – depending on the device, time and location through which a keyword search was initiated – two users may be looking for completely different products or services, although they may be looking for them using the very same keyword.

Okay, let’s demonstrate this practically:

Consider User A who is at home searching for something on his laptop or desktop PC around lunch time. Let’s say, he keys in “pizza near me” and expects to find pizza places offering delivery and takeaway options or ‘lunchtime specials’ perhaps.

Now let’s bring User B into the picture, who is downtown and picks up her phone to search for the same thing in the evening. She wants directions to a pizza place near her selling pizza by the slice or some kind of budget-friendly deal like that. However, both entered the exact same keywords, but through a different device, time and location.

So, user context simply refers to the device, time and location a search is initiated from. Why should this matter to you though? Because when you understand user context for search, you can run more revenue-generating AdWords campaigns:

Create better ads

Once you understand your user’s context, you can understand their needs and intent a lot better and, in turn, craft your ad copy accordingly. For example, your ad for User A will have a call-to-action which draws them to lunch specials and delivery options because he ordered pizza around lunch time from home.

Similarly, for user B, the ad copy will have a call-to-action button which provides directions to the nearest pizza place since she made an inquiry using the same keywords from her phone and while travelling downtown.

Bid a lot smarter for clicks

User context can also help you understand if your potential customer is, in fact, your ideal customer or not. For instance, if you’re running a restaurant, then mobile traffic close to your location on nights and weekends is going to be more important than anything else. In contrast, if you own a B2B software house, then you may value desktop search traffic coming from countries where your clients are, and during business hours as well as weekends.

Therefore, when you segment clicks this way according to user context, you can be much picker with your ads, paying only for clicks that offer the best chances of converting a prospect into a customer.

Now let’s shift our attention towards optimising AdWords campaigns to run ads that are more compelling, convert better, and ultimately, lead to a higher ROI.

Understanding bidding options in Enhanced Campaigns

As we discussed at the start of the article, Enhanced Campaigns let you adjust bids according to the device, time, and location the search originated from. If you go to your AdWords account, and click on your campaign’s Settings, you should be able to see the Locations, Ad schedule, and Devices tabs.

Location-based bidding

Let’s say that you are based in the UK but your target audience is both in the UK and US. However, your clicks from the US are converting at a lower rate compared to those in the UK. You can definitely optimise your bids by applying location-based bidding – e.g. bid less on US clicks by 30% or so. Using specific geographical bid manipulation parameters, you can bid more/less on clicks from any location within a +300% to -100% range.

To practically demonstrate how useful this feature is, let’s suppose your fish and chips joint is performing brilliantly for searches within a 1-mile radius of where you’re located; searches or clicks within a 2-mile radius are doing just okay, while clicks within a 5-mile radius are doing poorly.

You can bid a lot more aggressively for the clicks you’re getting within a mile as they are far more valuable to your business vs. the clicks that are further away as they are less valuable.

Time-based bidding

Enhanced Campaigns makes it really easy to bid more or less based on time of day and day of the week. For example, during weekday traffic – i.e. Monday to Friday – you can bid more during business hours only (+30%) and bid less on weekend traffic (Saturday and Sunday) during the two 24-hour periods (-50%).

This is just a generic example as you have a lot of flexibility to choose the time bid adjustment parameters you feel work best for your business.

Mobile device-based bidding

Enhanced Campaigns also make it very easy to bid more/less for traffic coming from mobile devices.

For instance, if you’re running a business taking orders through phone, to you, mobile searches are likely worth a lot more than other channels. So, in this case, you might adjust your mobile bids by -10% compared to computers and tablets which require no adjustment at all as they may not generate the same revenue as mobile clicks.

Closing thoughts on enhanced campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns also allow you to offer user-context aware ads which are a lot smarter because different ads can be displayed according to the search source they originated from.

For instance, if you need to display a unique ad for searches coming from mobile devices only, all you need to do is check the “Mobile Preferred Ad” checkbox.

Something worth noting here is that tablet traffic in Enhanced Campaigns is considered “desktop traffic” because most tablet searches are replacements for searches which would have otherwise come from a desktop PC in a home or office.

Enhanced Campaigns allow you to be very, very precise with your ads and bids within any given AdWords campaign. It’s a highly scalable way to build and manage PPC campaigns and if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your AdWords campaign, including killer ad and landing page designs, get in touch with our expert design team now.

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