Nowadays infographic designs have become very popular on the internet. Millions of websites interact with their audiences’ using infographics. Today, infographics are widely used by individuals as well as businesses. . Infographic refers to a picture that uses both text and images to explain a concept. They are simple, colourful and informative designs that people find much more appealing as compared to plain website content. Infographics are used to demonstrate important facts, studies as well as surveys.

There are various benefits of using infographic designs. For example, infographics help people do search engine optimisation as well as social media marketing effectively. Therefore, the demand for unique and interactive infographic designs is growing rapidly. Infographic designers are coming up with innovative infographic designs to please their clients. Following are few future predictions made for infographic designs:

  1. High quality text and images

Infographic trend is on the rise, but infographic designers need to ensure that they create high-quality designs. For this purpose, they prefer using unique and creative images, impressive content, and enhanced colour combinations. High quality info-graphs make more powerful impact on people.

  1. Engaging content

Infographics are not only used by individuals that want to spread awareness about anything, but they are also massively used by companies that want to advertise their products or services online. Earlier, they were using info-graphs to depict surveys or studies, now they are using quizzes, games and other interesting activities to captivate their consumers’ attention.

  1. Responsive Infographic designs

In this digital age, people frequently browse the internet using their mobile devices. Therefore, infographic images are becoming more responsive so that they are easily viewed on mobile phones. Graphic designers focus on displaying short text and few images on the infographics so that people can easily and quickly go through an info-graph using their mobile devices.

  1. More scrolling experience

Users, who surf on the internet using mobile devices, find scrolling options much better as compared to clicking options on websites. Therefore, infographic designers are now coming up with small designs that people can easily go through while scrolling. They are using unique ideas to tell a story or explain a concept to their audience.


  1. Use of animations

As technology progresses, the future of infographic designs, graphic designers are going to make the content more interactive by using live data visualisations, HTML5 elements, motion graphics, animations and mixed medium presentations. This can enable businesses to do efficient content marketing.

  1. Videos  

People are likely to watch videos as compared to reading the text on infographic. Hence, more infographic designers are using videos on their infographics. Through videos designers are able to share longer stories or data within few minutes. Therefore instead of illustrations, graphic designers are making infographic videos more so that they attract more consumers.

Infographics are surely here to stay, and in the future more individuals as well as businesses will use info-graphs to attract their target audience. Viewers are more attracted to infographics because they are informative, direct and better at representing data. Hence, infographic designers are frequently coming up with innovative techniques to make info-graphs more interactive for the audience.





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