Welcome to the ever-changing, turbulent world of graphic design! Trends in this sphere come and go in the blink of an eye. To salvage your sanity, we have predicted the future of graphic design. Scroll down to see what the future has in store for you.

Responsive Designs

Responsive designs are the priority of any graphic designer these days. Nowadays, these responsive infographics or graphic designs refer to the way the layout adjusts itself to the screen size and shape. Be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. These designs make the life of a graphic designer easier.

Fast forwarding into the future, we predict that these responsive designs will become more so. There is a possibility that these graphic designs will respond to our mood and personality. With the prolific smart technology being used abundantly, this possibility does not seem farfetched.

Go Vintage

We already have! Vintage designs from the 1960s have taken their place in logo design these days. However, a time will come when this theme will be so overdone that graphic designers will shift to innovate. In our opinion, the trends will go further back into time and logo designers will drag out the 15th century to the future. With a splash of medieval design, the internet will look more interesting once the current trend dies out.

Flat Designs, Old School?

Ever since Apple started using the flat 2D designs in its technology, Microsoft followed suit and Windows 8 had a flat, trendy look. Soon, the whole world followed what was a design revolution. Simple, flatter designs became all the rage. While some people say that these designs are here to stay, we say some time down the road, they will be replaced. Yes, you heard us right. We believe that the flat designs will eventually be supplanted by something less clunky and abrasive. More elegant styles will be sought for graphic and infographic designs.

3D Printing

Notice how 3D printing is becoming an accepted and celebrated trend of 2014. While flat design is extremely à la mode these days, 3D printing has found its place too. Many graphic designers are training themselves in the 3D printed design. Software programmes make the process more simple and user friendly. 3D printed typography is being used and soon, the difference between graphic design and sculpture will be reduced to nothing.

The era of the .gif

In the future, the world of advertisements will have fixated on the .gif trend. These irresistible looping images are in vogue nowadays. Despite their fame, the .gifs have not been utilised to their full extent by graphic designers. The days are yet to come when .gifs will be used on billboards, but such an epoch will surely come.

The Boom of Infographics

Infographic designs make it easier for pictorial and textual representation or complex information. The battle for the likes, shares, retweets and repins has gained heat and the race to gain popularity and go viral has taken over the whole world by storm. Simple, crisp infographics allow competitors to gain on their rivals in this brutal race and we see them gaining more popularity in the future.

Logo Designs

Logo designs are set to become more complex and complicated. Being simple was never so hard and designers are struggling to retain their attention of the viewer. In order to stand out, logo designers are going the extra mile and adding complicated yet humble designs to their portfolio.

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