These days, one of the most popular online marketing strategies is infographics. Infographics help companies to promote their products or services efficiently through visual representations. Infographic that explains a research, survey or a story through colourful icons, fonts or images can attract consumers immediately. However, if you have not shared your infographics on various online platforms then you would not be able to receive high traffic on your website. There are numerous ways to share your infographics with people around the world.
1. Submission to infographic directories
In order to promote your infographics, you must submit them to the infographics submission directories. After uploading your infographic, the infographic submission directories will evaluate it carefully before approving it. Examples of infographic directories are infographics archive, infographics showcase, visually, OMG infographics, Best infographics etc. By sending your infographics to submission directories, you can enhance your website ranking on the result pages of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
2. Share it on social media websites
Another way to share your infographics with maximum people is to post them on social media websites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Hundreds of people visit these social media networks daily. Our infographic designers add unique images, interesting facts or humorous content to motivate the social media network users to like and share your infographics.
3. Share it on other people’s websites or blogs
Find those websites or blogs that you think might be interested in posting your infographic on their websites or blogs to acquire more readerships. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing might help you in finding such websites or blogs. Our creative design team creates different kinds of infographics like static infographics, animated infographics or video infographics that can easily be shared on any individual’s website or blog.
4. Promoting infographics through Email Marketing
Businesses may be using email marketing extensively in their online marketing campaign because it keeps their clients updated about the latest product or service. Next time you are designing email newsletters for your clients or followers, add your infographics in them. Our infographic designers make infographics that you can easily share through email newsletters. Infographics can make the newsletters looks more interesting and attractive to the viewers.
5. Do not forget to include embedded code
In order to make it easier for others to share infographics, you need to show your infographic’s embedded code on every website you are sharing it. The embedded code would help viewers to share your infographic on their websites or blogs easily. Similarly, on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter do not forget to use hashtag along with infographic so that it increases viewership. On Pinterest, request your followers to share your infographic so that more people like it and share it further.

Our infographic design team at have the necessary skills to create powerful and engaging infographics for your websites or blogs. Our infographic design team includes thoroughly researched facts and figures in infographics so that you deliver true knowledge to your audience. Besides that, our infographic designers use vibrant colours, highlighted fonts and creative images to make it visually appealing to the audience.

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