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Infographics are gaining popularity every day. More and more businesses are using perfect infographic
to promote their products and services as well as to display important facts and figures. Whilst,
infographics are important in terms of gaining more appeal and generating traffic to your website,
but they can be difficult to create. Before you choose a company to design an infographic for you, it
might be a good idea to sit and think about the design and ideas of the infographic you would like to
have for your business. Although, companies such as infographic designers can do all the research
and design work for you, but to give it that ‘extra’ sparkle and touch of your own, it might be a good
idea to sit and think about the design you may like for your business and the data you would like to
put in the infographic.

Finding data and the inspiration for the perfect infographic can be difficult. We at infographics
designers present you some exciting tips to help you gather data, and ideas of a perfect infographic
for you!

1. Gather information for perfect infographic

It is important first of all to gather the information you would like to be displayed on an infographic.
Try asking yourself questions such as what data do you want to represent on your infographic? Try
and gather as much information as you can even before you can visualise it.

2. Story line in perfect infographic

What is story you want to tell your audience through your infographic? The data you have or the
information you gather must have a valid story to tell. Infographic designs often fail badly when they
don’t have a compelling story.

3. Inspiration

Try and find some inspiration around you. It might be a good idea to visit competitor websites and
see if they have created any infographics. Obviously, you would want yours to be more creative and
interesting than your competitor’s ones. You can also try and asses what information may be missing
from their infographic that you would want to pick on and highlight.

4. Create a hierarchy

The data you have and the information you would like to use on your infographic must present a
compelling story. The information such as facts and figures must have a strong relationship between
these to present an important story. It may be a good idea to create a hierarchy, create connections
and linkages.

5. Keep it simple!

Simple and clean designs work the best. Don’t try and put too much information into one
infographic. Each infographic should be used to display or present one story at a time. You may have
lots of ideas but keeping it simple is the key for the success of your infographic. It is important to
remember that people may not be familiar with your data may not be able to follow it. Also people
do not have time to go through a lot of information. Therefore, it is ideal to keep the infographic,
simple and visually appealing.

6. Distribution

Infographics works wonders for search engine optimisation. They are key to creating important
backlinks for your website. It is therefore important to distribute to generate organic traffic to your

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