In a growing industrial era, blogs seem to be the most influential way to connect with your audience; to keep them engaged into communication while providing them with essential insights into your trade or personal blogging genre.

Buying a Domain or Hosting your Blog

The first and foremost step in starting a blog is the purchasing of a domain or the option of starting your own blog hosting by switching to as your ultimate blogging platform. When considering buying a domain, Bluehost serves as the optimum choice for new bloggers because it connects you to innumerable bloggers all around the globe and their charges are reasonable too.


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Theme Purchasing

A standard theme selection can enhance the appearance of your blog by giving it the layout that you envisaged in your mind. Purchasing themes is an economical move because you can invest in a theme for a lifetime. Any theme is normally divided into two halves:

  • Framework:
    Among the countless frameworks on WordPress, Genesis is undoubtedly the best choice because it lays the base of your subsequent Child Theme.
  • Child Theme:

Once you purchase a Genesis framework, you can look forward to buying the best fitting Child Theme which in layman terms means ‘Blog Design’.


There are a few plugins which come in handy during blogging and the re-posting or sharing of your blog. Some of them are:

  • Google Analytics (For WordPress Purposes)
  • Facebook and Twitter share-buttons (For sharing or re-posting purposes)


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Makes a Difference

Blogging is another way of marketing, and to achieve your desired market outputs you need to be SEO efficient. The landscape of SEO blogging is modified in today’s era, but not to a great extent. Black inks is a feature of SEO which has always been prominent since day one. Even today, websites with black inks are ranked among the best. SEO works around your niche. Therefore, knowing how a ranking is obtained will allow you to understand whether your website requires fresh content to keep up in the list of best websites, or if you can make do with old content too.


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Persuasive Content Writing

First Step:

Managing the content that goes onto your blog is something that can turn the tables of your blog overnight. You always initiate with a logo for your blogging website; that is your identity as a blogger in the digital market. You can make use of free or purchased images through a word processing platform. Nevertheless, you need to remember that you are not a brand, but an individual entity who is blogging. Keeping this in mind, it is important that your blog also contains a picture of you and a short or comprehensive biography about you depending on how you prefer orienting it on your blog.


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Second Step:

Once you are done with the basics, then you can transcend towards your web content where you need to pay consistent attention in forming and updating the following pages:

  • About Page
  • Get in Touch Page
  • Start Here Page
  • Buy Page
  • Tour Page
  • Archives Page


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Third Step:

Lastly, you need to focus on the content of every blog post that you upload on your blog. Every blog should encompass of fresh, innovative and interesting content that hooks your readers onto your writing style and genre. Moreover, constant updating of your blog as per your schedule is something that you need to follow like a prayer; abide by the routine of posting that you decide.

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