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Infographics are those designs which present data and information with the help of visual representation. Infographics are a blend of design, text and analysis thus providing an ideal recipe for the present age where data representation is ever so important. This can be done by using effective tools like pictures, bar charts, theme boxes and clip art images.

If designed properly an infographic can make a boring subject or topic captivating and interesting. It happens often that hefty amount of information in extensive study courses are difficult to comprehend and retain. Also, training material in organisations can be complicated and hard to follow. An info-graph can provide a remedy to such problems.

There are a number of reasons why infographic designers have an increasing demand. This new technique is considered as one of the wonders in the advancement of technology and has tremendous positive results for companies and institutions.

Following are the reasons why presenting information through info-graphs can prove to be advantageous in order to understand a topic.

Infographics combine text and images:

Methods like using text and graphics prove to be useful , however they are still an imperfect way of presenting useful information and may lack in many aspects. Written work and language usually result in losing a person’s interest and concentration. It often happens that the reader deviates from the topic. Infographics make it easier for the viewers to possess bucket loads of information in seconds instead of spending hours to read. Many a times complex and hard core subjects become easy to understand through the effective use of visual representation. Graphics if used alone may also prove to be insufficient because precise written text to explain something is a must. If you combine Infographics and texts together this may result in an interesting communication technique giving valuable messages to the viewer.

Infographics are attractive and educational:

Infographic is a compelling tool which educates the viewers and entertains the readers at the same time. Be it an info-graph on art or renewable resources the use of symbols, captivating pictures and text make information interesting. The viewers can learn and retain the material with much ease. Visual pictures have more tendency of reaching the brain quickly as compared to written material.

Information is organized properly: Most infographic design agencies aim to be more organised in presenting data and information. They do this by organising data and statistics in an efficient way using pie charts and columns Infographic designers keep the information simple by getting straight to the point and explaining the concept in a story like manner.

Infographics improve your brand image:

Online marketers can improve the sales of their products by the use of effective infographics. The infographic design team at plays an extremely important role when it comes to advertising a brand. Usually pamphlets and flyers have less chances of reaching the target audience. The advent of information technology means that products can be more easily advertised. Here info-graph can play an important role. They can provide stimulating information with the help of vibrant pictorial images to present their brand in a positive light. The benefits of using the brand, its name, effect and other characteristics are easier to portray in an info-graph.

Thus it is evident that for marketing any type of message it is essential to create an info-graph which is not only easy to memorize but presents valuable and interesting information. It may take time to create commendable infographics, as it requires collecting data and designing the info-graph. However if done properly the end result can add loads of value to a company’s brand due to the information which immediately grabs the viewer’s attention.




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