Infographics have been present in the stream of online marketing and there is no doubt that it is enjoying the raving attention of both online companies and infographic designers. They first rose to fame in 2008, when very few people were aware of its purpose. Although it still isn’t treated as a common dinner conversation but its online presence has people commenting, sharing, liking and tweeting about it. Our infographic design team ensures to design infographics that best suit your requirements. Apart from its fast-growing phenomenon, several online companies doubt its ability of remaining an effective part of the content strategy.

Although infographics are a polarizing force due to their rapid growth in popularity, people have different opinions about it. Orthodox people like Yale’s professor Edward Tufte looks down upon such examples of data visualisation and abhors the use of excessive design elements. He believes that infographics don’t serve the full potential of displaying descriptive and detailed information on certain subjects. Our infographic design team contradicts this because our team of highly talented infographic designers are able to create some stunning piece of art.

On the other hand, online companies such as Fast Co. and Mashable are embracing this feature and exploring other additional elements such as gifographics. Even large brands such as GE have turned their direction towards creating infographics as they realise more and more people are finding infographics useful and helpful. Our infographic design team completely agrees that several companies are turning their attention towards infographics.

No matter who you listen to some people will consider it as an annoying parasite or a profitable blood transfusion for a feeble industry. You might not be able to decide who to rely on until you don’t experience it for yourself. Infographics aren’t complex rather than make plain, monotonous text fun and interesting with the use of graphic design and images. This visual approach transforms lengthy text into a graphical appeal for viewers to read and view. Whether or not it is effective for all types of content, it definitely adds a valuable aspect to your data. It uses images to show complex relationships such as hierarchy, anatomy, chronology and geography, making it interesting and easier to consume information.

One might question its rise to fame, which might be derived through its novelty aspect, or if there is some other factor involved. Although novelty plays an important role in driving it to its success, but as the years roll by infographics is no longer considered as something new. It is now popularly being known as the sole driver behind brand presence and performance, which the web had never experienced before. If online companies fear that infographics might one day reach to its potential, they need not worry. Because a new addition has come forth in place of infographics known as gifographics.

Like everything else, once the existing object ceases to gain further popularity, people invent newer approaches so that companies can make a smooth transition. However, several online companies are equally reluctant to adapt to newer approach due to the lack of trust and reliability, the new approaches might promise. A good content is one, which provides insightful information, useful analysis, interesting humour and emotion. Infographics is the best medium to showcase all this if you are interested to attract viewers and increase your website traffic.

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