An infographic is a simple enough tool, that is, combining information with graphics, yet marketers are still unable to take the full advantage of this creative tool. The reason being creating an infograhic design is only half the battle, effectively utilising it your marketing campaigns is the other important part which needs to be focused upon. An effectively utilised infographic can be the difference between a potential client opting for your company or that of a competitor’s, based on the respective marketing campaigns.
Therefore, here are our top picks on how infographics can be utilised within your next marketing campaign and the benefits derived from it accordingly.

Supplementing Content

The infographic/s ought to supplement the content which is present within your marketing campaign, through incorporating themed design, animated characters, and vibrant use of colours within the infographic design. This enables for your customer to be captivated as result of the creative infographic design, whilst being able to understand the content which your marketing campaign is seeking to convey.

Driving Traffic

Creating an infographic can be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, or towards a particular marketing campaign of your choice. New customers as well as existing ones are likely to be more interested in the content of your marketing campaign if an infographic/s is present as high-quality infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other type of content. The more effective the design and content of the infographic, the greater is the chance for the traffic on your marketing efforts to increase.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Brand awareness can in fact be created through utilising infographics as their design makes a statement to your potential customers about your company’s  designing abilities. These infographics can also be a step towards getting your brand recognised and attaining a positive value proposition in the minds of your consumers, as certain complex infographic designs is sure to leave them in awe of your abilities. The next time they come across similar content, they are
likely to remember your marketing campaign as a result of the infographic/s which was utilised.

Going Viral

An aesthetically pleasing infographic has the potential to ‘go viral’ on social media in particular being shared by thousands of people in a matter of seconds, further aiding your brand to become recognised as the source of the infographic material. Your company’s visibility increases by a multi-fold as it leads to potential customers searching for the source of the infographic, thereby increasing the traffic on your website and boosting your overall marketing effort.

Ahead of the Competition

With the plethora of developments within infographics, keeping up to date with these developments can allow you to stay ahead of the competition. If this is coupled with the effective utilisation of the said infographics, it can surely set you apart from your competitors, provided you stay up to date with the current trends.

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