A well-crafted infographic is something every business can benefit from. It can help you increase engagement, generate leads for you and create a very positive presence online – all of which can help your business grow.

Of course, how successful you are with infographics in general depends on how you utilise them, particularly from a marketing standpoint.

Can infographics help with marketing initiatives?

Absolutely, that’s a resounding yes!

Infographics have proven their worth as an effective marketing tool; in fact, most professional marketers today are using infographics to create better brand awareness. They also use infographics to increase engagement between, say, employees and clients, while some even use them to showcase business achievements in front of investors and stakeholders.

People have a tendency to remember visual content at least six times more than content that they have only heard or read, so there are many ways you can use infographics to boost your marketing initiatives.

How do infographics impact content marketing strategies?

Infographics and your content marketing strategy go hand in hand. They can help you identify gaps in your current strategy, and once you do know what those gaps are, you can cleverly fill those using infographics.

When you post content online, be it in the form of blogs, articles, links, charts, graphics, social media posts, or anything else – if the content includes relevant images, it can garner 94% more views compared to that which is posted without any images.

So, when it comes to your content marketing strategy, infographics can help a great deal as they let you create internal and external backlinks, and provide far more value to your long-form content like downloadable PDFs, white papers, blog posts, etc.

How do infographics impact social media marketing?

Nearly all social media platforms are visually-driven platforms. At some point, you may need to relay information to your audience which contains complex data and text, for instance. Rather than present that content in its raw form, you can use Infographics to make an ever-lasting impression on your audience and even make new customers.

While a unique and visually pleasing infographic will indefinitely increase engagement, here are some things you can do to integrate infographics within your social media marketing strategy:

  • Post how-to infographics on your Pinterest page.
  • Create separate infographics and post them across all your platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Tap into the power of infographics to compare and contrast all the products and services you offer; this can complement the existing marketing strategies you might be using to sell the same products and services.
  • Use infographics to promote upcoming seminars, events or conferences you are about to host – the infographics can be cleverly used to present the various speakers and introduce them, alongside the rest of the event information.

Infographics can also help with your outreach link building strategy too – our expert infographic designers will create high-quality infographics which you can republish on other sites and also help you re-use them for the other initiatives we’ve discussed.

Published On: November 28th, 2022 / Categories: Business, Social Marketing, Social Media /

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