Not getting the landing page performance or results you had hoped? Luckily, there are tweaks you can make right now to get you closer to the results you’re after:

Is your landing page optimised properly?

Optimisation means different things to different people but when we talk about it in the context of landing pages, we’re essentially talking about keywords, copy, imagery, UI – everything!

Making your landing page the best it can possibly be could involve a number of changes and fine-adjustments.

Optimising landing pages for the most leads generation and conversions is a complex topic in its own, which is why we’d always recommend speaking to our landing page optimisation and design team. They will offer specific strategies according to your business objectives, sector, budget, and target audience.

Did you make the offer enticing enough?

It could be argued that anything being offered for free automatically qualifies as “good” in the eyes of your prospect, but this isn’t always true.

We’re not saying that it shouldn’t be free – it absolutely should – but the offer needs to be accompanied by some kind of warranty or personal guarantee which would encourage a potential customer to share their personal information with you.

At the same time, we should face the fact that many other competing businesses are vying for the same audience’s attention, asking them to share personal information with them in exchange for a solution to their problem. So, what can you do to make yourself stand out? A brilliant “can’t refuse” offer, that’s what!

Here’s how you can determine if your offer is compelling enough or not:

  • Does it rival your competitors’ offers?
  • Does it offer a clear and value-driven benefit to your visitor?
  • What kind of pain point does the offer address or what kind of solution does it present to a problem?

If you need help with making your landing page offer more enticing, compelling and exciting, our in-house copywriters can help.

What am I doing to reduce page load time as much as possible?

Did you know that every second it takes while your visitor is waiting for the page to load can lead to 7% fewer conversions and even 11% fewer page visits? Take home: slow page load times can lead to a lot of undue frustration, especially in this era of “I want it now” – people expect web pages, no matter what their device, to load at lightning fast speeds, or they will not bother visiting that page again.

Loading page time is a metric you need to take very seriously – if you’ve done everything exceptionally well to ensure maximum conversions but are held back by poor page load times, well, that’s going to be a major letdown for your team!

We’ve actually dedicated an entire article to help you understand how to reduce page load times, so that’s a very helpful source for learning more.

Am I neglecting the buyer journey?

Your entire landing page must revolve around the buyer journey. And, since the whole premise behind your landing page is to drive as much traffic to it as possible, you need to have a very clear vision on where your visitors are at any point in their buyer’s journey – visualise, so to speak, what they are doing at each stage.

This means you should know at which point of the journey your visitor is trying to consciously become aware of what their problem is and whether you have a solution to it – or whether they are towards the end of the journey, ready to close and buy from you.

If you want those leads to convert, your landing page copy, offer and CTA need to represent this seamless journey as best as possible. This approach is no different from any of your other marketing materials, really – simply visualise meeting your visitors where they are, just like you do in a brick and mortar store when they step through the front door.

How smooth and seamless is the experience for the visitor?

When people arrive on your landing page, they are not looking for surprises. So, the landing page needs to be exactly as advertised because that’s what they are hoping to find – the ad you used to attract them to your landing page needs to be 100% verbatim with the landing page copy.

So, this means using the same words, terms and phrases on your landing page as the ad, blog, social post or email, for example. Avoid the ‘bait and switch’ approach at all costs otherwise you’re going to chase people away!

Did I forge a clear path to conversion?

The best landing pages seamlessly guide visitors from one part of the journey to the next – there should be absolutely zero guesswork involved when it comes to navigation.

As soon as someone lands on your page, it should be blatantly clear what they must do – i.e. submit their personal information via your lead form to get the ball rolling. Your end goal, therefore, is to guide visitors to the lead form using creative directional cues. Our landing page design team can advise you on those once they sit down with you to understand your brand and target audience.

However, here are some quick tips on pointing your visitor towards a conversion:

  • Choose a photo or even person who is either pointing directly to the lead form or gazing at it – hard to miss!
  • You can also use arrows which point to the lead form
  • Insert anchor text over text or keywords which takes people straight to the lead form
  • Frame the lead form using an outline or bold colour
  • Give your call-to-action a little negative space on the landing page so that it easily stands out
  • A CTA with a contrasting colour will always draw more attention

Did I make the offer valuable and “scarce” enough?

Did you know that marketers use ‘fear’ regularly as one of the best, most effective marketing tactics? FOMO or ‘the fear of missing out’ is something most consumers do not want to deal with.

People don’t like losing out on offers that could potentially change their lives or provide the solution they need – neither do they like to lose their ability to choose. So, the moment you hint to them that your offer is in very high demand and only active for a limited time, they are going to be all over it like ants on a wooden stick bathed in honey – well, you get the idea!

There’s another reason why this tactic is so effective: people love obtaining things that are hard to obtain. It signifies exclusivity, value, and ‘a good catch’, so rarely will people miss out on it.

In order to give your offer scarcity and more value, you can include a countdown timer perhaps, while using words like “grab now”, “last chance” or “ends soon”. Naturally, you don’t want to overdo it and sound as genuine as possible, so employ only tactics that apply to your business – our in-house digital marketing experts can guide you further in this regard.

Did I take advantage of video?

You will hardly come across any marketer who has not integrated video in their ads or landing pages and reported fantastic results. In recent surveys, up to 88% of video marketers claim that video always gives them positive ROI.

Video is also a tried-and-tested method for boosting conversion rates as video can be processed 60,000 faster than text alone – crazy, we know!

Videos are also more engaging than images and visitors are more likely to click on them. Plus, they are also a more personable way of connecting with your prospects.

These questions may help you uncover some of the truths behind your landing page not performing as expected although the best strategy is to work with a digital marketing team that has years of landing page design and optimisation experience behind them.

Published On: February 9th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing /

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