Measuring the true value of infographic can be a challenging task. Our infographic design team realises that your organizational culture, objectives and meaning of ROI determine how you measure the business efficiency of infographics. ROI is calculated as: (Gain from investment minus cost of investment)/cost of investment. Although the calculation of ROI seems to be very straightforward, it serves to be acrimonious for several discussions. The reason being is how each online company perceive its content marketing and communication efforts. Our infographic design team helps you measure the effectiveness of infographics.

The ROI Band

There are two sides to this spectrum; the left side believes developing marketing content such as infographic can help promote their brand by publishing it on various social media platforms. They believe that through infographics they are able to communicate and connect with the audiences through a strong and impactful message. Companies believe focusing on engagement will enable them gain more compared to measuring performance.

However, those on the right side strongly believe that such content marketing efforts should be measured so that they can judge and monitor performance and efficiency. Inability to measure such initiatives are deemed as not beneficial or viable for organisations. Our infographic design team ensures that it designs effective and efficient infographics for you.

The possible method to measure infographics is somewhere in between the both. You can consider cost of investment as the design, publishing, development and promotion of your infographics. You might not consider direct correlation between infographic marketing initiative and revenue but it is important to establish a measure between the marketing performance and resource allocation. As a business entity, you should be able to validate the internal and external worth of infographics as a communication instrument.

Measuring the Value of Inforgraphics

Probably ROI isn’t the best method of measuring infographics, another way to evaluate the worth of information design as a communication and marketing tool is to address it with a balanced approach, which examines intangible and tangible benefits over both short and long term. Let our infographic designer walk you through every step of the design.

Tangible Measures

Our infographic designer will anaylse all the essential tangible meatrics to ensure your infographics meets each point.

Awareness: this metric measures the exposure your infographic receives on different social media platforms.

  • Inbound links: You can use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to measure how many sites link back to your infographic. You can also measure how many people are copy pasting the code of your infographic by including an embed code. Backlinks also provide information on how many people of websites are publishing your masterpieces
  • Page Views: Google Analytics can display the number of page views and unique views for your infographic
  • Searches: Google Analytics provides comprehensive reports on how many people are searching for infographics by using specific keywords. You can refine your keyword optimisation by monitoring which industry keywords are doing better.

Engagement: It measures how engaged your audience is by your infographic.

  • Average time on page: Google Analytics provides information on how long your viewers remain on the web page while viewing your infographic
  • Comments: Are viewers posting comments about your infographic on your blog.
  • Social Sharing: How many people are sharing your infographic over other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Intangible Benefits

Let our infographic designer monitor every intangible benefit while designing the infographic so that you can reap the benefits.


  • Credibility: Create infographic, which is deemed valuable and helpful to your audiences. People will only share information that will educate or entertain them and others.
  • Building relationships: by designing infographics, you are able to establish long-term relationships with a wide range of influential media, organisations and individuals.
  • Experience your brand: Let your creative infographics and other content mechanisms create small, meaningful interactions with your viewers to create positive experiences.


  • Corporate pride: you can feel pride in your masterpiece as it is shared across wide varieties of social media channels.
  • Learning: You can help educate or entertain the masses who otherwise would find plain text long and boring.
  • Decision-making: Quicken your decision-making process through infographics since they speed up the mechanism of information consumption considerably.
  • Communication: Design infographics to make communication processes amongst employees easier. Eventually increasing overall productivity and performance.


Published On: August 3rd, 2015 / Categories: Design, Technology /

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