Facebook and “likes” in the same conversation is something people have gotten accustomed to and it’s hard to imagine the platform without thinking about likes.

Likes have become very important to anyone on Facebook – not just everyday individuals and famous personalities but especially businesses of all sizes. Likes are a very important ranking signal for Facebook’s bot or algorithm because they greatly contribute to which posts the bot will push to the top of users’ feeds.

Likes also serve as social proof, so naturally, the more you have, the better your business will do. However, despite your best efforts, you may not be getting the projected number of likes to help grow your business. What seems to be the problem?

Let’s get to the bottom of it!

Need more Facebook likes? Here’s how

Always begin with strong social marketing principles

Once you know what you want to accomplish on social media, all facets of your social media presence and greater strategy will benefit. So, before scheduling your next Facebook post or content, carefully consider how that post might contribute to your general marketing objectives.

Good social media principles or fundamentals mean that you’re following a set social media marketing strategy that fully aligns with your key business objectives. The most successful social media marketers always have a documented strategy at the core which they use to execute their goals. Work on this early on before anything else.

Know they audience

All too often, businesses go haywire with their Facebook marketing budget, hoping that the marketing combined with their offer will be too good to pass up – but things often don’t go as planned because they don’t do enough research into what their audience actually wants to see.

After all, you need to create content that your audience engages with, finds useful, and even shares. There are plenty of tools that allow you to understand the underlying context behind making posts more likeable. Facebook Business Manager is one of them.

Working with an experienced Facebook marketing team will also help you understand specific metrics, which in turn, will help to pinpoint exactly the type of content that will easily resonate with your audience.

Know when your audience is on

Want to get more likes on your post? You’ve got to post around the times your audience is on. So, the first thing to do here is to determine the best times to post at. Some general trends apply across the board, naturally. For example, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 am and 12 pm are considered a “good” time to post by most businesses, although by working with a dedicated social media marketing team, you can find your posting time sweet spot based on ongoing Facebook trends and in-depth analytics.

Keep pace with the latest Facebook trends

Facebook users are always looking for content that is 100% relevant to their needs. Among the latest trends is Facebook Reels and the social media platform actively promotes them everywhere. You can take advantage of this quickly growing format to get far more likes from your short videos.

Did you know that people still use Facebook to research brands? In fact, more than half of people looking for a product online start with social media as their primary brand research tool. This means you need to post the right information about your brand.

It’s also a good idea to set up a Facebook Shop as it will help you get more likes by offering users in-app purchases. You’ve probably heard of the Live Shopping feature too – an excellent way to expose your brand and get even more likes for your Facebook page.

With all things said, it’s always a good idea not to blindly follow trends – especially without researching whether those trends are in line with your greater content marketing strategy. If you’re not sure which Facebook trends you can benefit from to get the most likes, our expert Facebook marketing team is only a click away.

Pin a popular post

Pinning a popular Facebook post means giving it better visibility. So, if a post already has a fair amount of likes, it will get even more likes once you pin it.

Got a new campaign coming up? Why not pin it so that its visibility is maximised? The more users see your post, the more it will boost your presence on not only Facebook but potentially other social platforms too, thanks to the snowball effect.

Collaborate with influencers on Facebook

Brands have gotten very smart over the years and they have to be if they want to stay competitive. As a result, they are now collaborating and engaging with influencer marketers a lot more than they used to. In fact, in just 2022 alone, 2/3 of social media marketers in the US, for example, used influencer marketing to reach their goals.

Influencers are often in a strategic position to communicate directly with your target audience, so if you’re able to collaborate with one, it can help you craft more engaging content that your followers will get hooked on pretty easily.

A clothing brand once reposted content from influencers within their own existing audience which was pretty big to begin with – you guessed it – both sides reaped the benefits from the exposure.

Use cross-promotion to your advantage

Do you have an established following on another social channel? If you do, that’s great – take advantage of that now! Over 99% of Facebook users have other social media accounts too.

You can easily increase your posts’ visibility on other social media channels by promoting Facebook-specific content. For example, more than 80% of Twitter users already have Facebook accounts. So, you can definitely tweet about an upcoming Facebook event to keep your users up-to-date on the latest happenings. As a consequence, you might get even more likes on your event-specific post.

Cross-promotion doesn’t have to be restricted to just social media even though the idea is to get the most Facebook likes. Your Facebook page details can and should be integrated with both your website as well as your business card. It will make it even easier for people to find you on social media and you can guess what happens next: yay, more likes!

Leverage paid ads

Some of the recommendations above can help you improve organic search results; however, organic reach isn’t as popular on social media as it used to be. Unless you’re leveraging paid promotion, your posts may potentially be seen only by 5% of your followers.

Now, if you run paid ads, you can effectively benefit from detailed ad targeting – a feature already present within Facebook – to help ensure that your posts are viewed by as many target audience members as possible.

Manage your Facebook presence by maximizing your likes, engaging better with followers, and measuring the impact of your marketing efforts – we offer comprehensive social media marketing services tailored to your business, budget, and target audience. Get in touch with us now for a free initial consultation.

Published On: April 17th, 2023 / Categories: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing /

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