Many parents struggle to control their temper when confronted with stressful situations, especially in front of their children. Sometimes this behaviour is directly affected by a mistake their child made. Parents need to understand that yelling at their child is not a solution to a problem. If the child has said something abusive, it is important that parents handle such situations with care and reason with the child with a calm mind and controlled tone. When parents yell at their children, the message the child perceive is that they are unloved and unwanted. To highlight this issue further, the infographic design agency at has come up with an innovative infographic. The infographic designers have tried to reiterate the harmful effects that yelling can have on the personality of a child. Therefore, it is important that parents behave appropriately in most situations. Below are some reasons that highlight the importance of behaving appropriately towards children.

  1. Reduces self-esteem

Children are in desperate need of a confidence boost during the development years. If parents constantly nit-pick on their efforts, then they are likely to suffer from self-doubt. The infographic designers The infographic design agency has tried to show the adverse impact that yelling can have on the mental capabilities of a child.have put a lot of thought in the development of the featured infographic. They have tried to convey the adverse impact of yelling on the self-concept that a child develops in later years.

  1. Makes them aggressive

When a child observes that their mild behaviour results in criticism from their parents. They are likely to become more aggressive to make sense of the situation. Therefore, it is important that parents communicate with the child that they are angry at a particular instance. Parents need to educate their children to learn from their mistakes in a well-thought out and calm way.

  1. Conditions them to be afraid of loud noises

Parents who repeatedly harshly criticise their children are indirectly harming them. The child might get classically conditioned to respond a certain way when a person is yelling at them. To prevent a long-term damage to their mental health, parents need to be more passively participative in their child’s life. The infographic design agency has tried to put these points across through the featured infograph.

  1. Cognitive development might suffer

If your child is timid and shy, then it is important that you communicate in a mild tone with them. The infographic design agency has tried to show the adverse impact that yelling can have on the mental capabilities of a child. Research has shown the children who are subjected to harsh criticisms in the form of yelling at an early stage of life are likely to have faster memory decay when they grow older. To reverse the effect of such behaviour, the infographic designers have added the practical steps that parents can take to reduce the urge to shout at the child.

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