The above crafted infographic image designed by our infographics design agency, visually shows how often people have been found performing additional activities during their working hours. People are known to be social animals and cannot be restricted to just their cubicles. They need to mingle amongst themselves which gives rise to excessive meetings, co-worker interactions and office politics.

Through our creative  infographic that has been created by our infographics design agency. It creatively showcases that the introduction of social media has proved to be beneficial for a number of companies in terms of promoting products and services. On the other hand, it has worsened the matter for employees wasting time at work even more. About 68% of people are found browsing the web during their hours of work. Companies need to realise that ‘time is money’ and every hour that is wasted accounts to a negative impact on the bottom line. Companies need to combat this issue by establishing web filtering tools which will detect websites that aren’t related to work and can block them. Other means of monitoring employees can be by installing activity-monitoring software which will keep a check on the computer’s activity on a specific PC.

Apart from browsing the web, 56% of employees have been found shopping online during their working hours. Purchasing decisions are usually associated with emotions and so if employees are feeling gloomy or haven’t had a good day at work, they might want to brighten their day up by buying fancy shoes or a new dress for an upcoming dinner party. Many people conduct impulsive purchasing decisions which in return benefits online shopping sites.

38% of employees have been found mind traveling over the internet, which includes booking a travel during working hours. Employees tend to wonder off while they drag their day through the tedious hours of work. They will tend to browse through travel destinations and book a travel even when they might not need one. But who wouldn’t like to be shifted from the dull and dreary workplace to a livelier and fun getaway.

A significant number of employees have been observed to be setting up dates online during their hours of work. About 31% of employees browse through dating websites to fix either a blind date or a prospective date with which they can spend the weekend. If employees aren’t found setting up dates over the internet, they are either emailing a lover or selling and buying stocks or shares during their working hours. About 22% of employees have been found conducting the above mentioned activities when they should actually be concentrating on their duties. Many at times, employees are seen to be conducting a second day job during their primary work hours.

Other minor categories include 18% of individuals who watch inappropriate videos over the smartphones and tablet. 17% of employees had liked a friend or chatted with one during a toilet break. 9% of employees have either watched a movie or read a book during their working hours. 6% of employees have found and bought a property during their hours of work.

The infographics design agency has been able to successfully showcase factual information related to how people usually tend to waste their time while at work. This office infographics will provide a comprehensive understanding to managers and key highlight those issues which need to be dealt with through regulatory actions.


Published On: June 12th, 2015 / Categories: Business, Design, Technology /

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