Businesses are faced with difficult decisions almost every day, and one of the most important ones they make revolve around how to invest their time and marketing budget. Many businesses, as a result can’t decide whether they should use PPC ads to reach their target audience, SEO ads, or both.

We’re here to set the record straight as both can be beneficial under specific circumstances, although there are many factors at play to recommend a “one size fits all” solution.

When should I choose PPC or SEO ads?

Any improvements and optimisations to your SEO ad strategy will help you rank higher on SERPs – Google’s search engine results pages – by making your website and other content more relevant. PPC ads such as Google Ads, for instance, are a paid form of online ads, allowing you to bid on the opportunity to display an ad next to searches on Google – so people don’t have to scroll down or “find” your ad, it just pops up in front of them.

Why are SEO ads important?

Search engine optimisation refers to having content on your website which can potentially improve its visibility across all search engines, and not just Google. So, when your website is integrated with the right keywords or search terms, people will find it easier to use your products and/or services if the keyword or search phrase matches those on your website.

Therefore, SEO simply refers to the ‘behind the scenes’ work that allow you to pop up higher in organic rankings, so that people can find you with ease when they type queries relevant to your website content, for example. SEO Ads let you target specific keywords or phrases and then create the ad to promote your website content for people using similar or often the exact same keywords.

SEO ads do not cost anything – as long as your keyword research and integration throughout the site is solid, you can appear high in organic Google search rankings. Most businesses work with a SEO team to nail every aspect correctly so that their website continues to rank higher than their competitors’.

Why are PPC ads important?

Google Ads is Google’s own PPC advertising solution, allowing businesses to bid on certain keywords so that they can get an opportunity to display those ads on Google’s search engine results pages. Through the Google Ads advertisement model, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad, visits your website, or contacts your business in any way.

Furthermore, PPC Google Ads allow you to fine-tune your ads in order to reach a specific target audience (according to interests, age group or geographical area e.g.) or to promote a specific product or deal.

Google Ads also let you promote your business outside the Google Search network by showing ads on websites with the Google Display Network or GDN.

Which one do I choose then?

This can depend on a number of things, such as your budget, resources, time, etc. Which works better or whether to use both also depends on your key advertisement and marketing objectives. Our in-house SEO team can certainly advise you in this regard.

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