Many journalists find it difficult to manage the press releases that have been given to the media. They can also be concerned about the appropriate gifts that they can give to their colleagues. Bloggers can also share the same concerns. Our infographic design agency has developed an infographic to analyse the patterns that most of the journalists purchase the press release template and gifts. The infographic designers also mention the things that you can do to promote your products to journalists and bloggers. The points have been further elaborated below:

  1. Advanced product placements

The infographic design agency has highlighted that in the summer months, most of the press releases and gifts are accessed by the journalists. The infographic designers have mentioned the ways in which your gift company can achieve higher sales. Therefore, it is important that the products are promoted before the summer starts as the journalists and bloggers tend to do the market research for content. Therefore, it is important that the content is placed on the press release website in the middle of the week so that the journalists and bloggers have easy access to it.

  1. Time of the press release

Many press release websites send the information without keeping in context the time at which the users are likely to read it. If you plan your press release effectively at peak times it might get the journalist’s attention.

  1. SEO strategy

Most of the journalists are likely to search for particular keywords when looking for the gifts that they want. To increase your brand’s awareness you can use the appropriate keywords to increase your website’s search ranking. If your company’s page rank is higher, the bloggers and journalists are more likely to approach the company’s products for purchase.

  1. Images

There are some images that are extremely popular with journalists. One of the most popular images is the cut out images. Lifestyle images and other distinctive images can be preferred as well. The infographic design agency has pointed out that the journalists are more likely to buy the gift brands that include these images. The inclusion of these images has been highlighted by the infographic designers.

  1. Online store

Research has shown that consumers are likely to prefer a company that can be contacted easily. So, if you have a company, then it helps to have an online store that the journalists and bloggers can see for the press releases and gift products. You can track the website traffic through Google analytics and news alerts. This helps in finding the products that the target audience is mostly interested in.




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