When hunting for a job resume is what reflects you and your personality. Many people even say that make a resume in a way you are selling yourself or your services. Resume or CV leaves an impression and as most individuals use the phrase; the first impression is the last impression, try to get most out of it. If you are a content writer than your writing style will reflect your personality in your resume, if you are hunting a job in management then try to make an exceptionally organised resume to show off your organisational skills. However, if you are a designer then how things can reflect your skills? How writing different certifications, courses or knowledge of various designing software will show the reader what you are capable of achieving?

If you are a designer by profession or want to start a career in the design sector, then you may know about the extreme hype that infographics are creating. In this article, we will cover some tips on how you can turn your resume into an infographic and leave an everlasting impression on the employer.


Here are some simple yet amazing tips to make an attractive CV infographic containing your educational background and professional achievements into an infographic.


Do you have a lot of software skills under your sleeve and thinking how to gain readers’ attention to all of them? Well, there is a quick solution, you may add logos of all that software and show your expertise in each one of them by adding stars i.e. if you have excellent skills in Photoshop CC then add 5 or 4 stars and if you have only basic knowledge then add 1 or 2 stars. You can also replace stars with something more creative such as pencils.


You can also show your hobbies through various graphical illustrations or icons. For instance, if you like photography then you may add a camera instead, if you prefer reading in your spare time, then you may replace it with an open book, like travelling to different cities or countries then you may add a plane to show this. There is a wide variety of things that you can do to achieve a certain level of attractiveness in your resume.


Even you can show your contact details in a visually attractive manner. Try putting an icon of an envelope in front of your email address, cell phone in front of your mobile number, etc.

These are just a few tips; there is a whole world to explore and play with if you wish to invent your resume into an infographic.


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