Introducing Gifographics

Graphics Interchange Format, better known as gifographics are soon going to rule the internet, our infographics design company has identified this rising trend and our expert team of infographics designers are putting their skills to good use. Infographics designers are now testing the boundaries of their creativity as they employ a quirky way through gifographics to present the most boring texts with fun animation and graphics! Gifographics are similar to Infographics with the only difference that Infographics are static while Gifographics can move. With the trends in SEO changing at the speed of light, this is one technique that our infographics design company has explored for companies who are interested in rising to the top. Making gifographics is one of the most sought after methods of online marketing. Both small and large corporate firms would profit if they would employ an infographics design company to design Gifographics as a strategy for SEO and internet marketing.


Gifographic takes Infographics a Step Further

While infographics were initially used to present data using graphics and illustration, gifographics takes it one step further. The constant movement of the images as designed by any infographic design company instantly attracts the viewers who might be motivated to read the presented information on the gifographic. While on the other hand, infographic design company create gifographics which uses solid colours and bright images to turn the most unappealing and mediocre topics into simple fun reading materials. In contrast to infographics, the animated image in a gifographic as designed by an infographic design company quickly grasps the attention of the reader which further stimulates them to go through the entire illustration. Plus, Gifographics are very easy to share through social media as well.


Why is Infographics Fast Becoming a Story of Yesterday?

One main issue that infographics designers have pointed out is that the content on the infographics cannot be optimised by search engines such as Google since there are no chunks of any written text plus often the content on the infographics could very easily be duplicated or used illegally without permission. While on the other hand, infographic designers have also noticed that Gifographics appeal more to the website viewer as it not only saves a lot of time for the viewer who no longer has to read long, tedious paragraphs of text but according to infographic designers, Gifographics also make the most mechanical texts fun.


Gifographics are the Latest Way to Market your Product

Various infographic design companies have started becoming aware that interactive content also aids in increasing website traffic for a business Through Gifographics, information is converted into a fun, interactive mixture of content and graphics which attracts more and more website viewers. This is then likely to result in website viewers’ reblogging it, sharing it on different social media platforms or simply visiting that website again.  Our infographic design company has found out that gifographics are also useful because with their interactive data, they can help a business become a brand since they are a great marketing tool too!


Gifographics are Likely to Increase Traffic

Numerous infographics design agencies declare that this unique combination of animation and data in a gifographic is beneficial for all businesses who want to make an impact on the market. Choosing gifographics to advertise their product is the latest way of digital marketing. It’s also very useful to those businesses who might feel that that their product does not excite the audience as such. These often include electrical companies, property maintenance or even removalist companies who can also utilise Gifographic and use it to create a brand of their services in the most interactive way. Infographic Design Companies also have stated that this way online traffic will also be increased when companies use Gifographics to present data which may eventually also lead to an increase in sales.


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